december nineteenth.

i love sergeant watson. that's right, i said it. i love him so much it brings tears to my eyes.

yesterday he proposed. this is the abridged version.

first, you should know that i was not expecting a ring. we decided that it was not a necessary expense. so the day he asked, i began to plan. he took me ring shopping the day after he asked me to marry him and i was happy, because it was nice to think i would get to show off an engagement ring. i figured he would just give it to me one day... i was really wrong.

he got me all mad at him by lying to me friday night about not being able to give me the ring as planned. i thought i was committing my life to the same irresponsible sarge i had started dating two years ago... it was scary. i even asked his friend if he really had no ring, and said friend also lied. he was insistent on coming to little rock saturday anyway, and surprised me with flowers and a picnic... and the ring! it was simply the sweetest thing he has EVER done and march 21st will be my second favorite date forever. until december 19th gets here.

that really was short. if you want the whole story.. call me up! i can tell it again and again.. and i am willing to bet that not one of you will believe it all came from THE real big country.

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