well, life is interesting.

i'm not that great of a blogger, but i keep trying, so maybe i have some writing blood in me.  i'm back now.  again.  and for anyone who doesn't know, the sarge and i were stationed at camp pendleton in north san diego county, california.  i made it home!!  now we're starting life by the beach.  we've been here for eight months and two weeks... and it's fabulous, in case you were wondering :-)

i started a cooking blog and decided that it's just not the same as a regular blog (for me).  you can visit it here: http://aleasan.wordpress.com.  anyway, lots of the friends blog so i figured i'd join the ranks again and see who is interested in our little lives.  hope you guys stay along for the ride.  heck, i hope i stay along for the ride!

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