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so, as some of you know, john is army.  i'm an army wife.  it's amazing.  i love the military life (so far).  we have higher stakes, but we have a great life also.  we live on a marine base, it's our first duty station.  last night i went to my pal's house for dinner and small group, and her hubby put on a video of some marines in boot camp.

normally, hearing john talk with other husbands endlessly about the differences in marine/army infrastructure is really kind of boring.  but last night, we had a REALLY great time!  they shared drill sergeant/instructor impressions and reminisced on why they were the worst kids in their class.  carin and i just cracked up at them.

we have been really blessed here at mccp.  we have met some awesome friends, but already experienced some of the blessed military life.  since we've been here in january, two couples from church and one of our neighbors (soon to be BOTH) have moved out of state.  on the bright side, we've got people to visit everywhere we go. 

on another note, i am at the end of my rope, as some of you may have figured out.  john ended up not leaving for his course, and while i love my husband to death, i needed a break from the crazy first two weeks of october!  so... i took next week off work.  i plan on sending lunch with john and doing nothing next week.  NOTHING.  except maybe a little decluttering, in the spirit of susie homemaker.  it makes me feel a lot better when i have clean spaces.  that's how i unwind... is that weird? 

so.. let's talk about chores.  what are you favorites and least favorites?  my favorites are kitchen chores--even dishes.  it's because i love cooking and anything to make my kitchen storybook, i'm all behind it.  my least favorite is bathrooms.. mainly just tubs.  there is just no logical way to do it well.. anyone have tips for making it not hurt my back?   other than making john do it, which is what i usually do?  

who would like to join me as i adventure into decluttering my house, one space at a time?  would anyone like to take 20 minutes to an hour in small steps to a mid-season restart?  even if not, you can expect updates on the following... maybe....

tuesday: kitchen - cabinets, drawers and pantry
wednesday: bedroom - dresser and night stands
thursday: storage - garage and closets

that is, of course, if i feel like it. :-)

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