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may as well continue. i love lists! this week it's our DVR list. well john and are are... um.. old fashioned. we chose not to have DVR as a part of our "extended" cable package. for one thing, we don't really get into shows that have to be watched in order. at least, not until they are on DVD.  second, we don't watch much TV and don't really want to get tethered to our set. in fact, we removed all but one TV in our home. that way, we have to sacrifice for one another when there's something one of us really wants to watch. AND the other is forced to do something constructive (hopefully) like read or work on a hobby (like blogging). 

so now that i'm off my soap box.. here are the shows i don't like to miss!

1. the office. i thought this show was really stupid at first, but now i love it! i don't ever watch anything in the correct order, so i have no idea what happened during which season, but i DO indeed love reruns!

2. GUILTY pleasure! the real housewives of atlanta, new jersey, and orange county. the WHOLE reason i don't like to watch TV ("especially" reality TV) is that i would probably get addicted and i just plain don't want to. i did get sucked into atlanta on accident, then came the OC and NJ. i (fortunately) don't like ALL of them (DC and NYC and i'm planning on avoiding beverly hills!) but i like enough of them to be ashamed lol. and i'm not going to put pictures. 

3. last, i love law and order. all flavors. 

my favorite partners are olivia and elliot (SVU) but i can hardly watch those episodes anymore... too graphic!

what shows can't you guys miss? 

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