saturday was our neighbor's birthday, so Sergeant J and i agreed to babysit their nine month old little girl.  she came over around seven in the evening, and was with us until about 4:30 am.  she is SO precious and the whole experience did, in fact, arouse my baby fever.

when she started getting sleepy around 8:30, i asked the Sarge if he knew how to make a bottle... with formula.  the game was on and he said "no" without even thinking about it. i asked if he could hold her while i warmed the bottle and he complained, "she doesn't like me!"  without making a big deal about it, i got up and said, "ok!  i see where this is headed!  i'll do it!" and i paraded into the kitchen with her in tow.  he followed me in, insisting that he could do it, he would try, he would prove himself.  it resulted in:

...and my heart melting.  later, she woke up a bit fussy and he walked her around our living room for about ten minutes using a soothing voice i'm not sure i've ever heard from him!  he's going to be such a good daddy... when the time comes :)

today, pastor hal talked about how to have relational peace and let's just say it spoke to me.  i'm sure anyone reading this has "situation" to be settled.  Jesus commands us like this:  if you've been wrong, YOU go.  if you have a problem with someone, YOU GO!  my tendency is to say, "it's not MY problem" or "i didn't do anything to THEM", etc. etc. etc. but how old do i sound?  haha so needless to say, i was waiting for him to point me out.  one of those sundays! 

anyway, we have a hectic week ahead.  my nephew is moving to north county, and getting him going will be a challenge but after the past few weeks of our lives, i say bring it on.  hopefully the Sarge and i will be going to sea world this weekend.  (anyone who knows me, please feel free to offer up a prayer about the anxiety i feel in crowds!  i think i'll need it!)

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