blog challenge days 1-4

so i guess this is me posting all four days i missed.  these will be abbreviated as best as i can, but no promises!

day 1: introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts.
i don't have interesting facts about myself.. sorry.  but i'm aleasa.  and here i am:
this is me last friday at seaworld!

day 2: meaning behind blog name
haha... well... my pastor always jokes and says "happy wife, happy life".  he may or may not have gotten it from the real housewives of new jersey, but i cannot confirm or deny that fact.  i briefly considered naming it happy wife, happy life but it seemed wordy.  and i do have a really happy life.  i mean, things aren't always great, of course. but i am learning to take james' advice and consider it a joy to endure sufferings of all kinds.  it builds up my perseverance and strengthens my faith.  i say "no bad days" because it keeps me going.  recently, a friend of mine (who is only 21) lost her husband in an tragic gun accident, and since then i treat my days (and the people who fill my days) very differently.  this day is a gift, and "no power of hell, no scheme of man" will ever make me take it for granted.  but i said abbreviated... so...

day 3: first love
well..my first love in life is Christ.  i want to make him smile above all things. 
my first love of a boy was a georgia cowboy named colin... and that's all i have to say about that.

day 4: parents
awesome.  i have amazing parents.  i think i gave them a hard time when i was a teenager (who am i fooling.. i KNOW i gave them a hard time!), but they are such wonderful examples of God's love for his children.  the discipline was never pleasant, but the blessings were hardly deserved and always better than my imagination.. even though i didn't always know that.  their names are al and beverly, and they are the cutest adult couple i know.  my dad is a pastor and my mom... is the church secretary.  what?  haha, i know.  it's cute.  my dad was born in arkansas and my mom here in california, and they met in the early 80s.  they are so wise and insightful and funny.  that must be where i get my awesome sense of humor... haha, just kidding.

whew.  that wasn't so bad, now was it?  now on to the good stuff!

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  1. Nice getting to know you! I'm glad you joined the party and caught up! Also, thank you for visiting mine and commenting, even though it was about those crazy holes. There's an actual name for it, trypophobia and it's actually very common. Warning, don't google that because a lot of yucky images pop up. MIKI