brussel sprouts.

tonight, i made brussel sprouts, roasted in the oven and tossed with a makeshift lemon vinaigrette, as a side dish with dinner.  this was our conversation.  it just makes me smile. 

he speared a sprout and held it in the air.

john: what is this?
me: what do they taste like?
he takes a bite and chews it thoughtfully.

john: i don't really know.
me: (dramatic pause) it's a brussel sprout.
john: i don't like brussel sprouts.
me: when was the last time you had brussel sprouts? 
john: i haven't. i just don't like them.

he eats and goes into the kitchen for seconds, returning with with a pretty generous pile of sprouts.

me: i thought you didn't like brussel sprouts?
john: i don't.
me: (gasp) oh that's right.  okay.


  1. LOL!! This is hysterical!!

    Thanks so much for the feedback regarding the baby food. Pumpkin is a great idea and now that my son is about to be eight months old I'll definitely give the nutmeg & cinnamon a shot! Thanks so much!!

  2. i just laughed out loud at your and john's conversation. it should definitely be a comic strip.