busy busy.

i was supposed to move to southern california and go to the beach everyday.  i did not.

we are the busiest family!  so i thought i would just write a quick post in between commitments to say that God is amazing!  it doesn't matter where i have gone in life, he has placed the most amazing people in my life.  at each crazy stage of my existence, i have meet at least one person (and sometimes twenty-five) who i want to keep in my phonebook FOREVER. 

as most of you (the two of you who may read this blog) know, sergeant j and i share one car.  not out of necessity, but because it is cost effective and does well to keep us accountable to one another.  anyway, i will not step onto the soapbox. but the one thing that does suck is that sometimes, said car goes on the fritz. it's actually only happened one other time this year and it was mostly our fault for not replacing the spare tire right away haha!

anyway, my car wouldn't start yesterday.  fortunately, i work next to an autozone, so i took the church's hospitality cart and trotted my little battery over there to get tested.  it was bad.  a hundred bucks.  i'm doing dave ramsey so no problem, bam. my boss installed it for me, and it started but wouldn't stay on!  so i drove -- don't ask, it was very daring and dangerous -- to the autozone and had them test my new battery, alternator, and starter. all of them checked out.  so i called the honda place and asked if i could have it towed there (after hours, since it was almost 4 at this point).  my friend carin, who has two small children, stayed with me the whole time... even the hour it took for the tow truck to be dispatched.  then, as i was talking to the insurance lady about how to get a discount for a rental, she reminded me that her hubby is out of town and offered to let me use their car!

for you guys that think that is no big deal, i was raised by a father who reminded his teenaged daughter constantly that "loaning a car is like loaning someone $10,000" ...it's a big deal.  so she drove me thirty minutes to where it was parked and THEN let me and the sarge have dinner at her house.  she is amazing, and i'm grateful for her and her heart.  AND she is one of several people who, in their own ways, have been the best friends anyone could ask for.  and in such a short period of time.

this is getting long really quickly, but let me add one last thing.  i have had a hard time dealing with not having friends that i've known for years.  in the past, it's made me feel alone and unlovable.  but i have had innumerable and extremely invaluable "friends of circumstance" and that have each been blessing to me. it is not a character flaw that i haven't been bound to a group of friends for years!  and don't judge me that i just found that out!

the long and short of it is this:  i am so blessed. 

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