challenge, day 11: T.V.

i'm a little early.  sue me.

i just recently did a post about shows i don't like to miss, so i'm going to do my favorite TV shows of all time. in order.  and don't judge me because my top three countdown has five shows on it.  it's my blog, i do what i want.

#3. amen / the jeffersons
there is a common denominator here: sherman hemsley.  he cracks me up.  my parents recorded the reruns of amen on TVOne for, like, 5 months and we'd all sit down as a family and watch them.  good times. if you have never seen a sherman hemsley sitcom, you need to watch one.  he is a ridiculous, obnoxious little man and i love him.

#2. fresh prince of bel-air 
image from urban moms
i've seen every episode of this show and can quote most of them.  i almost put family matters right here next to it, but six shows on a top three count down is just pushing it.  so just pretend family matters is on this list, too.  this is just from back when TV was good.  downright good!  where have the good old days of prime time tv gone??  i almost can't watch shows now!  anyway, moving on...

#1. i love lucy / the lucy-desi comedy hour

i can't pick one of the two, so i choose both.  this is just my favorite era and my favorite couple of all time.  i think, watching lucy late night during my middle school years, is when i began to aspire to being a housewife.  her shenanigans were just so sweet.  if i had to choose one show to watch for all time, i think i could survive with lucille ball and desi arnaz.  it all started with summer block party on TV Land... anyone remember that??  i will own these on DVD and soon.  granted, i've seen all the episodes already, but that's beside the point.  and i also own a book with a synopsis of each episode of the i love lucy show and the lucy-desi comedy hours.  that is also beside the point.

the point is that i can watch them endlessly from now until the cows come home.

oh lucy.

how i love you.


  1. Ohhhh, Lucy. Also one of my favorites.

  2. I always watch Fresh Prince reruns when they're randomly on... such an underrated show! :)

  3. Oh I LOVE the Fresh Prince! I totally forgot about that show!! SOO FUNNY! I love Will Smith!!

  4. I fell in LOVE with Will Smith in Fresh Prince. That man is just HOT!