challenge day 16: dream home

we are pretty simple, so i had to remind myself to dream of EVERYTHING i would like in a house.  i actually searched trulia and some other real estate sites to think of all sorts of stuff i'd want.  i found this home at the toll brothers website, while looking at texas developments.  they even let you customize floor plans.. i love that.

check out this floor plan:
click to enlarge

click to enlarge
of course, the optional media room for sergeant j!

a few of the things i love most about this floor plan and hope to have in my future house:
- separate staircases (one spills you right into the breakfast nook!)
- a big kitchen with an island, connected to a casual seating area.  entertaining!
- a secluded master retreat
- high ceilings
- a pretty foyer& curb appeal!

it's less than 4000 square feet, smaller than my parents house, but still has some features that my parents don't.  (they have BIG rooms!)  i think that's not obnoxiously big, right?  i want a nice house with nice features, but i don't want to be too extravagant with things i would never really use.  except the media room, but that's because i live with a man.  

what i WOULD like that isn't a part of this floor plan:
- a "retreat" off the master bedroom that can be used as a nursery at first
- a guest suite with a den and master bath...for the 'rents of course.
- no formal living room.. seems useless these days... i'd rather have a study. but it should keep the  formal dining room, which is imperative for a lover of entertaining :)
- i would add a half bath near the laundry room... just so there's more than one shared one downstairs.

some other things i want:
- tiered ceilings
- a pretty, finished backyard with a summer kitchen for parties
- trees... and while i'm at it, a gardener, because i have a black thumb :(
- a laundry room/mud room.  SUCH a good idea!
- dark hardwood floors.

and while i'm on the subject, here are some examples of my style!

traditional home exteriors:

nursery (maybe with a LITTLE more color, but i like neutrals!):

dining room:

except with a light green color!  purty!

love these chairs!


 okay i'll stop.  what would YOUR dream home include??


  1. When can I move in? Okay, okay...I'll settle for neighbor! :)

  2. Aleasa i love your dream home! :) I'm like you, I love neutrals as well. I'm such a realistic person, it's hard for me to have a 'dream home'. But, I can take my dreams and make them a reality :)

  3. Such cute ideas!


  4. i totally want a mud room/ laundry room too!!

  5. there's a jodie room in your dream house, right?