challenge day 18: regrets.

forget regret / or life is yours to miss.

albert einstein said that "the only source of knowledge is experience."  i do not regret the decisions i have made, even those that have ended terribly; these are what have formed me.

i could perhaps say i wish i had protected myself from heartbreak, but without weakness there is no strength.  i could wish i had been more responsible but the consequences of irresponsibility have taught me more than obedience ever could.  i suppose i wish i hadn't said or done things to some people, but i would never have learned humility or how to reconcile, or what real friendship looks like.

one thing i wish i had done differently is i wish i had been a better daughter when i was younger.  i wasn't bad but i wasn't easy either.  i wish i'd spent more time appreciating my parents.  but i feel like our relationships' ups and downs have made us closer now, and i wouldn't trade today for anything. also, i guess i wish i had been wiser about money, but i had to learn somehow!

i can honestly say i do not regret anything i have done.  they have all brought me to where i am right now!  we cannot waste today wishing we hadn't done something yesterday.  i think this feels like a cop-out, but i mean it.  i even asked john if he regrets anything in his life while we were driving back here from our small group.  even he couldn't give me any ideas.

i can't imagine a life any better than mine today (for me) and that includes the memories, the mistakes, and the mixups that came before.  

gah, i'm so cheesy!


  1. I like this line...
    "but without weakness there is no strength".

    That is so true!

  2. Amen, Aleasa! I'm right there with you. Beautiful post :)

  3. Please stop by my site this morning - I've tagged you with a blog award!!