challenge day 19: i miss...

this could easily be a REALLY long post, so i'm doing it the quick way.

i miss.. my nanny. college. staying up late and skipping class. late nights at the vfw with john. seeing my lovely pledge sisters every single blessed day.  dorm life.. what?  being challenged in my biblical studies classes.  israel.  living with my parents (sometimes).  the south (kind of). having neighbors that didn't smoke.  life before cell phones and texting.  sneaking phone calls in high school.   life before facebook. TGIF (also known as GOOD television!). nathan austin denny, rest his soul, and his beautiful wife heather.  haiti.  AOL 'zines (did anyone get into that scene?). being a stay at home wife (i know i only work 15 hours a week... but still lol).  life without bills.  mama's home cooking.  pledge week.  my pals from arkansas.  EEE - tri chi rivalry (even though, i guess it never really dies).  tiger tunes.  the men of KAPPA CHI and their sweet serenades. hallmark construction, llc (occasionally).  going to giants baseball games.  abundant life christian fellowship.  my wedding day.  did i mention college? my long hair (not usually).  jenn, jenna, and jenna (bffs in middle school).  our house on tarpon street.  living SO close to the bay. high school.  fitting into high school sized clothes.  life before i knew what calories were.

what can i say?  i have just loved a lot about my life, in every season!
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  1. I tagged you in a post! I miss some of the samethings you miss!

  2. HAHAHAHA! "Life before Facebook". I'm sorry; but i completely agree!
    i am MAKING you my facebook friend! :P
    And I love how you made this post a smorgasbord of 'misses'. Very creative!