challenge, day 5 : siblings

i have three brothers, all considerably older than myself: gary, michael and jason. the youngest of them, jason, is twelve years older than i am.  i was not close with any of them, since they were no where near living at home for most of my childhood.  however, for the past few years, i have become much, much closer to the brother i saw the least as a child: michael.  i wish i could have the kind of relationship i have with him, with the others.  mostly location is to blame for this.  i have only really lived close to mike for any considerable period of time.  at any rate, i love my brothers, they are ridiculous.  i guess we share parents, so if i'm ridiculous, they have to be. 

i also have 24 sisters.  this is what they look like:

dirty santa 2009

what?  can't you see the family resemblance?  well duh, they are my lovely EEE pledge sisters.  i have talked about it before in a post about my ouachita days, but i will briefly say it again: my time in school was made bearable by the faces you see in this picture.  when john and i go home this winter, i hope to see as many of them as possible and recreate this scene. 

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