challenge, day 7: movies

i like a lot of movies, so instead of favorite movies, i'll do favorite genres.

my favorite movies are movies that get my blood pumping.  naturally this includes war/action films.  but i'm a history nerd, so if the setting is historical (even if not historically accurate), i probably like it.  tied for first place are these two:


image from gone elsewhere
 and 300

image from comicbookmovie.com

what?  i like to express myself.

second are movies about football.  i could watch these over and over and over:


these are just my favorites of the bundle!  if you have a dad, brother, boyfriend, uncle, husband or male friend, you know this is just the tip of the iceberg. these movies can be so inspiring, plus i get to see people get tackled.

and..... yes, i am a girl (in case any of you were unsure after these last few posts) so i have to include the girly films.  i love disney pixar and dreamworks films almost unconditionally (which, i suppose is not totally girly)....

...and the occasional tear jerker.
 there is also a special place in my heart for the toy story trilogy.  and titanic.  and twilight...wait, what?

i just realized i like most movies i see.  seriously.  this is ridiculous..but the one that takes the cake also happens to be a shameless plug for Jesus.  it's the movie our church produced, to save a life.

have yall seen it?  what did you think?  it's totally rad, right? even more rad is, each week at staff meeting, we get to hear awesome stories about how it's changing lives all around the world, literally.  stories about people who decided life instead of suicide and found a meaning to their existence.  from all the way to rhode island, brazil, africa... it's a must-see.  

and there you have it.  too much info, i know, but i found one thing out about myself during this 30-day challenge.. 

i don't know when to quit.  

all other movie covers are from amazon.com

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