football, and oh how i love technology.

i probably won't be able to blog tomorrow, so i'm getting it all out tonight.

today was a great day.  first of all, technology (as the title suggests) is amazing.  today was homecoming at john and my alma mater, ouachita baptist university.  we have such fond memories of that place and are super bummed we couldn't be a part of this weekend.  not only the football game, but also the homecoming activities and (of course) tiger tunes!

the great thing is that the internet has shrunk this world so much that we didn't miss much.  we were able to listen to the our tigers beat the #10 team in the nation (woot woot!) AND watch our beloved tiger tunes!  congratulations to the men of Eta Alpha Omega on their first place victory, and of course to my boys of Kappa Chi for coming in second place.  it was such a blessing to be able to cheer on my lovEEEly sistEEErs from far away! 

we also got to watch the arkansas game online.  we miss some games because they are only shown regionally, but ESPN 3 closes that gap for us, too!  ugh.  fabulous.  we are REALLY serious about our football.

get your hands out of my shot!

so.  arkansas wins.  obu wins.  the giants win.  kappa almost wins.  how could that be anything less than good?

and finally.  i have an idea.

this idea was sparked by a tailgate flop today.  i tried to make these little spinach and feta bites and failed miserably.  being a kind of perfectionist, i find that a lot of things that i do are not up to par.  so i decided that, following with the philosophy that laughing at yourself is good medicine, it would be a good idea to share our flops ...on fridays!  i have one lined up for this week, but i would love to hear yours too!  send me pictures, descriptions, and musings about something you did recently that just didn't quite go right.  in response  ....i'll come up with something.  we'll see how that goes.  send your flops to me at aleasa@aleasa.net!  be sure to include the link to your blog!

the friday flop.  you saw it first at the happy life blog :)


  1. LoL I love how your husband is looking at the game! Remind me SO much of my hubby! And I'm loving your friday flop idea.
    I'll have to ponder on this...