the obnoxious american! ..and other things.

yesterday sergeant j and i went to sea world san diego. first, let me say.. it was amazing. we had a great time together.  i'm pretty sure it was his first time seeing animals like the sea lion, seal, and of course the killer whale in person, but i know it was his first time petting a bat ray! we always have so much fun doing stuff like that together! they have a "here's to heroes" program which allows active duty military and up to three dependents to get in for a free visit once a year. i'm glad we decided to finally go.

the sea lions dancing to thriller.  it was so cute!

the sarge feeding a bat ray

the shamu show

that's a shark!  i didn't get any good pictures of them because i was afraid to use the flash lol


the dolphin show.  it was like watching cirque du soleil!
and for the record, the barbecue at sea world... it's legit.

now.. regarding the post title.  i would just like to take a quick moment on my soapbox, please.  americans might be loud, and they might be ignorant and ridiculous.  but we are not the only ones!  i saw a lot of tourists yesterday.  they were not americans.  and they were obnoxious.  i'm sick of people (especially americans!) chastising american tourists and slapping the back of our hands for being rude and uneducated about the places we're visiting and the customs there.  yesterday i had my physical space violated more times than i'd like to relive, encountered more rude adults than kids, and was generally disrespected.  and for the record, i think it's silly to visit a place and not respect their way of life and try to adhere to their social etiquette. everywhere i have ever been, i have brought skirts, head coverings, silenced my phone, put my head down, gone to the back, tiptoed around, sacrificed my personal space without complaint, and waited to be last. not all americans are rude, and not all non-americans are cultured.  so people!  stop saying that!

anyway.  today is arkansas v. a&m and i have to start making the tailgating food.  whether arkansas wins or not will determine if there is another post haha.. what??

wooooooo pig sooie!  razorbacks!

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