john got home early from work today.  as soon as i heard the garage, i got up to open the door to the garage to greet him there.  my phone rang as soon as i got off the couch.. it was john.

"don't come outside.  a squirrel ran into the garage."

i stood next to the door to the garage, listening.  i contemplated opening it, but obediently went back into the living room to wait.  john came in a minute later holding a plastic green rake with a crazed look in his eyes and a smile on his face.

"he's cornered!

he went out the front door saying something about not wanting to risk it with the door to the garage.  a minute or two later, he calls.

"do you want a pet squirrel?"

"no, john."

"do you want squirrel for dinner?"


"i've got him in the corner but he's hiding behind the recycle bin...i need a BB gun!!"

what?  i have to see this.  mind you, i have been home (lazy) all day.  i'm not even wearing a bra.  (sorry, too much, i know.  but it adds to the story haha..) but, no matter.  i cross my arms tightly and trudge, barefoot, outside and around to the garage.  and this is what i see:

the poor squirrel peed behind our recycle bin while he was cowering in the corner.  john kept scaring him by moving things and, as we all know, there is nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal!  i guess that's why, when the little guy moved from the right corner to behind the bin, john about jumped off the chair!

well, i want you to know we moved the bin out of the way and the squirrel made a daring escape from our garage and across the street to the grassy knoll and tree opposite our house.

he is safe.

john later pondered on his ability to conquer mice in our friend's kitchen while flinching with every move of a cornered squirrel.

my brave husband catching mice for our BFFs :-)

he said of such nervousness, "with squirrels, i usually have a gun."

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