top 2 tuesdays! - kitchens

don't ask me how i found out about this site.. i forget. SOMEHOW i ended up on love from texas late last week, and i've been anxiously awaiting tuesday to have something to participate with. this week, the theme is our top two kitchens! so here are mine: 

except in my kitchen, i would definitely have the dark red color. our kitchen will be an entertaining kitchen, and would DEFINITELY have to have a big island for everyone to gather around.  my parents recently redid their kitchen, and all they kept was a giant brick hearth where there was a cooktop. i desire this feature! i wish i had a photo to share. it's a great focal point in the kitchen, and pretty unique. 

i would love to have the beach view that giada de laurentiis has:

along with all her kitchen supplies! see some of them itemized on the food network site, or at giada's kitchen blog. and i believe in light cabinets and dark floors and countertops. and of course, plenty of storage for all my cooking gadgets and supplies. there is nothing like a traditional design!  it's SO timeless and classy. 

i love to cook, and i could really do a whole blog post on this. but i'm stopping. what would your kitchen have to include?

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