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There was a wee bit of confusion about the giveaway.  SO I have updated the final date/time to enter.  November 30 at 12:00am MIDNIGHT, PST!  (You know... the midnight between the months!)

Sorry about any confusion.

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time for a new planner, and will i ever stay caught up?


i LOVE planners.

i never use them like i should, but buying them and/or starting a new one is one of my favorite things ever.  i found one last year that i am in love with.  if you like being organized (or faking it, like me), go get yourself one of these:

get buttoned up!
the new one for 2011 doesn't come out till december and, don't judge me, i set a reminder.  also, i think i'm just in love with this company, because i want to buy their "life organizer" too.  it's an organizers dream!  and on a completely unrelated note, can you BELIEVE it's almost 2011?  whew.

second ...the new thing in our journey to childbearing... i'm having a pelvic ultrasound today.  so.. pray that the result will be some answers! 

now those out of the way.  let's talk blog challenge.  this thing is supposed to make me a better blogger.  why aren't y'all fussing at me?  here i am, catching up again.  this should not happen!

Day 11 - a photo of you recently
dagnabbit.  i have not taken very good pictures these last few months.  but here's one from thanksgiving.

Day 12 - something you are OCD about
i am a neat freak.  so.. i'm not that neat.  but when it comes to cleaning and organizing the house, i do NOT do it half-heartedly!  i mean.. it's kind of ridiculous.  i care about the way things are lined up on the counter, or placed in the silverware tray, or sitting on the shelves of our fridge or pantry or linen closet.  i fold all our towels the same way so that they stack neatly and uniformly on the shelves.  and i am super anal about those things being changed!  (of course, once they are out of line, they tend to stay that way until i get all crazy on them again.)  do not judge me.

Day 13 - a fictional book
twilight.  it's what i'm reading right now.  for the third time.  what?


happy holidays!

new look! 

what do you think? 

it's the first time i've ever made my own background.  i think i may do some other images too!  look for the update on the heritage kitchen tomorrow!  :)

i hope everyone had a great black friday.  i've been at home sick.  it's not fun at all.  i blame john. 

tomorrow one of my best best buddies will be in town.  i'm sure i'll have some fun adventures or crazy conversations to share this weekend!

nighty night :)

(p.s.  if something looks funky in the next few hours or even tomorrow, i'm sorry!  we're a work in progress over here..)



i hope everyone's thanksgiving was AMAZING!

john and i split the work with carin and josh to make an OVER THE TOP thanksgiving meal.  there were the four of us and their two precious babies, olivia and levi.  and enough food for eight people (the hubbies count as two a piece!)  and who am i kidding, there was enough food for john's whole unit!

read our menu over at the heritage kitchen.

here are some pictures from the adventure of john's and my first thanksgiving!

and, since i'm a few days behind on the blog challenge (again!) here are the past few days!

Day 8 - a photo that makes you angry/sad 
i'm sorry, there is NO way i'm having a cry fest or rant today!  so here is a picture of something that always makes me mad:
confused-ass wade phillips.  from the bleacher report.

and of course: 
image from the press coverage blog

Day 9 - a photo you took 

Day 10 - a photo taken over 10 years ago of you
8th grade.. aww girl.

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so sweet.

day seven: a picture that "makes me melt"
go link up at brittney's blog
i'm sure you wanted to see this:

 or this: 

and that does melt my heart. 

but the REAL answer is this one:

oooh.  sweet, sweet ownership.

i did not slack.

i did.  so i'm going to do quick catch up from the days i missed!  what kept me from you all?  well.. nothing in particular.  but i have some news to share that makes me VERY happy!

so.. as you know... i decided to invest in some scentsy.  (haven't heard of it?  try it FREE by entering my giveaway!)  one of my older brothers has been involved with an e-commerce "situation" for the past few years and was quickly forming a cult-like obsession with his business.  i think he's finally out of it, but it left a lasting impression on my family.  also, you should know one thing about me: most of my jobs have included a sales element and i HATE sales.  with a passion.  so when i told my mom i wanted to sell scentsy, she was none too pleased.  she wasn't hateful, but she was definitely skeptical.

well.  i told her last wednesday and sent her the link to look at the warmers.  she hasn't said anything about it, but TODAY she called and said that she is considering buying warmers for the THIRTEEN deacons' and ministers' wives at our church!  what!?  mom??  i almost cried while i told her how the pricing goes and all.  i was SO touched that my mama is willing to support me even when she doesn't love when i'm doing.  talk about a great family! 

and now, enough with the tearing up.  time for one of the longest posts i will probably ever write. yeah right!  i love to pontificate!  

Day 4 - your favorite book 
well.  my favorite book is the bible, but i guess that's the easy answer.  my favorite BOOK of the bible is a tie between philippians, romans, and hebrews... not sure.  

but i love to read and like all the cool kids, i generally prefer non-fiction.  i have lots of other "favorite" books. in no particular order: 

same kind of different as me
denver moore & ron hall

from every people and nation
danny hays 

mere christianity
c.s. lewis

native son
richard wright

reason to believe
r.c. sproul

love beyond reason
john ortberg 

the time traveler's wife
audrey niffenegger
you must READ this! the movie doesn't do it justice, as is usually the case..

g.k. chesterton

anything by a.w. tozer

and yes,
the twilight series
1-3 though.  4, not so much.
do NOT judge me.

Day 5 - your favorite quote 

i actually don't have a favorite quote, mostly scripture, but here are a few that i've found and have held on to! 
beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.  - miss piggy
never take down a fence unless you know the reason it was put up.  - chesterton

life without the courage for death is slavery. - seneca

Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things 

1. cooking a meal that comes out exactly as i pictured it
2. the feeling that comes after going to church when you didn't really feel like it that morning
3. talking to my mom, dad, or brother
4. john r. watson
5. snuggling under lots of covers before going to bed
6. saturday morning lazy-in-bed conversations with my husband..they're the best!
7. learning new things. 
8. freshly shaven legs!
9. a good smelling house or car
10. a clean, uncluttered, organized space
11. reese's peanut butter cups
12. comedians. none in particular, i just like people to try to entertain me.
13. football season
14. snacking on marshmallows.  who am i kidding, just snacking.
15. decorating
16. vacationing and traveling in general
17. not dressing up
18. spending time in our church's prayer room
19. reading into the wee wee hours of the morning because i JUST can't put down the book!
20. finding good friends. 


finally friday!

milspouse fill in friday!  woohoo!! 
military spouse?  go link up!

1. If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs – such as food and water – were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?
my bible and an internet connected computer!  word.

2. If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have?
umhm, that greek vinaigrette by kraft (i think)  it's basically a simple vinaigrette but with feta cheese.... 'cause i'm cheesy.

3. If you had to live on a ranch, what kind of animals would you raise/own?
i have no idea!  i don't know anything about ranches or ranch animals.  i guess i have to say horses.  and .... sheep.  because they are so funny.  and i think i could find a lot of devotional material watching them follow each other around.

4. If your life was was portrayed as a movie, who would you choose to play you and your significant other?
i really don't know about me.  maybe gabrielle union.  not sure why ... but my significant other?!  oh gosh.  don't tell the sarge. but probably will smith.  they are both funny but smart, responsible, smooth, and hot :)  i think he'd play sergeant j well, i've seen him do the player mode and the sweet husband role.

5. What was the last thing you put a stamp on (envelope, duh, but what was in the envelope)?
UGH!  the SECOND to last payment on a debt that we owe!  whooooo hooo!!

brittney's blog challenge day 3
favorite teacher 

i had a favorite teacher in elementary (fourth grade) but of course, i don't remember her name now.  she's the one i accidently called MOM in front of the class.  don't front, yall know you had one of those.

middle school was mr. waller, which was funny because he was the hardest and most hated teacher on our campus.  but i loved the way he challenged us; i felt like i was in high school!  he is the teacher who taught me good note taking skills.

my favorite teacher in high school was my spanish teacher.  i had her for pre-AP spanish 3 and AP Spanish 4.. .she was amazing.  her name was elizabeth brooks and she was young (probably 24 or 25), so naturally that made her awesome.  she was a conservative christian lady so she wasn't wild, but she was pretty understanding and related well to all her students.  i attribute my love for spanish to those two years of school.  i also had two outstanding psychology professors, but i'm trying to select ONE from each stage of schooling.  it's already hard. 

so.. i know what i just said... but i have three from college.  but that counts because i had a major and a minor..and general studies, so that's three different stages right?  the first was dr. steve phillips from the communications department.  he was one of those you either love or hate... he has such a relaxed teaching style.  i never felt nervous about speeches in his classes... i think it was because of him.  he talked to us like equals, not students.  just people he shared information with.. it was awesome.   the second was dr. motl, western civ.  he brought history to life.  granted, i love history, but there isn't anything like a good history prof.  nothing at all. 

which brings me to the favorite.

dr. terry carter, the dreamboat.  yes i said it.  i pretty much loved all of my professors in biblical studies, but he takes the cake for sure.  i mean, he had so much knowledge packed inside of his head.  i think it was due to the fact that i LOVE history, and like all good history instructors, he made it interesting.  he was probably one of the hardest professors i had, but i am better for it.  and that's what made him so dreamy.  and i'll be honest, that's why i went to so many of his classes haha.. but seriously...


i have to say, ouachita baptist has an awesome faculty, especially in christian studies.  i was never so challenged and loved by so many people at once.  i would call them ALL favorites: douglas nykolaishen, joey dodson (dr. j), paters (dr. marvin pate), ray franklin, and byron eubanks all hold a special place in my heart. ESPECIALLY scott duvall and danny hays (and their wives) with whom i visited israel in 2008.  

this post has made me want to enroll in school again... to learn more. 

...and it passed.

sorry that was so long.

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just checking.  



have you heard?  i'm sponsoring a giveaway!  enter here.

brittney's 30 day blog challenge, day 2:
my definition of success

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.  If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned." (john 15:5-6)

hm, this is a really good topic.  honestly, i consider myself inadequate at a lot of things, and i think that is the way we're made (as demonstrated by the verse above).  my goal is to do God's work on earth in obedience to his will for his kingdom and my life. i only know what pleases God because of his Word...which is the guideline for my life.  i think living a life of personal integrity (being a woman of my word) and being full of compassion for his children is what makes you successful here on earth.  being fully entangled in his ways and will, putting no other thing before my desire for discovering his heart and giving him mine.

i consider healthy relationships successes, especially with family (husbands, siblings, parents, and children).  a more finite, personal measure of success would include the ability to communicate effectively and sincerely.  other things that i consider success are finishing what you start and doing what you set out to do with a right attitude, learning from your past, listening to and applying good and Godly counsel, and being able to share your knowledge and wisdom with others.  also, your motivation: doing nothing out of selfish ambition, but considering others better than yourself (phil 2:3). 

i definitely do NOT think money or possessions are a measure of success, but attitude and one's heart.

tomorrow: favorite teacher.  oh goodness.  this ought to be good. 

and, because i feel like it, i am showing you this video... which i've probably watched twice a day since i heard about it.

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happy life giveaway!

it's TIME for my first giveaway!  
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accomplishment and WILW

and so begins another blog challenge.  but first... here's what i'm lovin'.

i'm loving that i've found the scentsy product line!  my house smells so good :)  -- and i promise, i'll only mention it a few more times on my blog!!

i'm loving the preparation for THANKSGIVING with my BFF and her family.  carin.  go see her blog!

i'm loving the cooler november weather (finally!)

i'm REALLY loving peace with God about things that are out of my control. 

and of course, 
i'm loving my sweet and supportive hubby.. who deals with all my ridiculousness.  seriously.

and now...
brittney's blog challenge day 1
biggest accomplishment


1. Something that has been achieved successfully.
2. The successful achievement of a task.
1. The act of accomplishing or finishing  (uh, thanks...)
2. Something accomplished successfully, especially by means of exertion, skill, practice, or perseverance.

ah, thank you.  well.  i'd have to say, as far as something i've persevered toward.. it would have to be graduating.

ok.  lots (well, not LOTS, but a decent number) of people graduate from college.  i get that.

but how many of them start at a school with a full scholarship, fail/drop out, move halfway across the country (...for a boy!), work for three years while going to school at night, and return to the very place of their greatest failure in life to graduate with a B average?

oh, more than just me?  well.. they can celebrate too.

but that's my greatest accomplishment thus far.  and one that still surprises me to this day.  in fact, in ouachita hadn't sent me a diploma, i probably wouldn't trust my own transcript.

and guess what?  i'm better for all of it.  even the boy mistake.. whoops.

my SECOND greatest accomplishment, since you asked, was the country.  this is my (private) song about that situation.


he was out to make a conquest
didn't care what harm was done
just as long as he won
the prize


she was just another conquest
didn't care whose heart was broke
love to him was a joke
until he looked into her eyes

and then in the strange way things happen
their roles were reversed from that day
the hunted became the huntress
the hunter became the prey


now you know who made the conquest
she, with all her female guile
led him helpless down the aisle
she had finally made a conquest


and then in the strange way things happen
their roles were reversed from that day
the hunted became the huntress
the hunter became the prey


now you know who made the conquest
she, with all her female guile
led him helpless down the aisle
she had finally made a conquest

(lyrics and music by the white stripes)

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another blog challenge...

so i clearly am not a good blogger.  THAT'S why i'm doing another blog challenge.  i'm trying to recruit my friends, too.  so join!  visit brittney over at meet the ericksons/livin' our love song tomorrow to link up! :)

here are the new topics:

Day 1 - your biggest accomplishment
Day 2 - your definition of success
Day 3 - Your favorite teacher
Day 4 - your favorite book
Day 5 - your favorite quote
Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things
Day 7 - a photo that makes your heart melt
Day 8 - a photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 9 - a photo you took
Day 10 - a photo taken over 10 years ago of you
Day 11 - a photo of you recently
Day 12 - something you are OCD about
Day 13 - a fictional book
Day 14 - a non-fictional book
Day 15 - your role model
Day 16 - a song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 - an art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc)
Day 18 - my wedding/future wedding/past wedding
Day 19 - a talent of yours
Day 20 - a hobby of yours
Day 21 - a recipe
Day 22 - a website
Day 23 - a youtube video
Day 24 - where I live- in detail, what makes it special?
Day 25 - guilty pleasure
Day 26 - your week, in great detail
Day 27 - my worst habit
Day 28 - whats in my handbag/purse
Day 29 - hopes,dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 - car you drive (and past cars too!)

annnnnd.... i can't promise i won't create my own after this one is done.  and.... i may or may not have started making it.  the end.

top two and other news

top two favorite jobs - this is a hard topic because i pretty much have loved every job i've ever had.  i know, i'm weird. 

2. hallmark construction
i am not sure why i loved this job so much.  i started as a receptionist for a commercial construction company in 2005 and i just loved the people and the work.  i was basically a front office manager, which included maintaining a plan room (you know... architectural plans).  then, i moved back into accounting, where i managed receivables, insurance, and payroll.  i just loved all of our delivery people and mostly the whole staff.  it was a small office and we got to hang out together a lot.  i had a non-scary boss, and a great friend there.  i think it was just a good time in my life in general, which is why i have such fond memories of it.  unfortunately, i had to move home to finish school and, like all good things, it had to come to an end :(

1. stay at home wife / mom 
well, i have always, always wanted to be a sahm.  i've never had other career ambitions at all, other than to serve the Lord.  and, i work part time by choice at the moment, but i can't wait to be a full timer.  i love serving my husband (not in a degrading way of course!)... and there is, in my opinion, no more important job than being a mom.  even working part time (and loving my job) there is always something that goes undone here at the house and it frustrates me. 

in other news..

i went to the doctor last week and was able to make an appointment with a fertility specialist!  we go see him in january, as he only sees one couple a week.  we have decided that we are not pursuing fertility to the full extent of its available treatments (for ethical reasons), but the first step is to find out if everything is okay!  normally you have to wait a year before seeing a specialist, but based on my history (or just having a nice doctor) we didn't have to wait quite that long.  so i'd appreciate your prayers!


i bought a scentsy warmer. and i'm thinking of selling it (scentsy products that is)!  i'm not typically into the direct selling thing... would y'all buy a warmer from me?  :-)

this is the one i got:
 ok.  love love. 


giving thanks!

first, i hope everyone had a happy veterans day holiday!  i had to work, actually, but the Sarge and carin's hubby josh took the kds and had a free meal at applebee's, where i got the unexpected news that the food didn't suck.  i have NEVER known applebee's to be good.  ...well, they didn't say GOOD, but not horrible.  while they were gone, carin and i decided that we are going to do thanksgiving together!  we have so much food planned already, even the six of us probably can't eat it all!  but it's exciting none the less.  you should go by her blog and say hello, all because two people fell in love.

we brought in the stray cat, for those of you who remember my earlier post.  he is a great cat, but i think i'm allergic so we're going to have to call base animal control if we don't find someone to take him by tomorrow (sunday).  that makes me really sad!  i posted about him on our local website, but only one person responded and she backed out today.  gah.  we feed him twice a day and the Sarge is starting to get attached to him.  never good.  but in addition to being allergic, i also know that if we keep him, the Sarge will start to get irritated by him (especially if he does things the Sarge doesn't like...)

he has a little tassel on the end of his tail... does anyone know what kind of cat that makes him?  he doesn't have any other distinctive traits really.  we do think he's young though, because he is really playful.

the Sarge got out of bed to feed him today and came back saying, "i know what it feels like to be hungry... but i can make my own food.  poor little guy."  and it made me think, we are really blessed.  we get all funny looking in the pantry at shelves full of food and saying "there's nothing to eat!"  or racks full of clothes with "nothing to wear."

we are wealthy... maybe not by america's ridiculously exorbitant standards, but we really are. i am thankful for what i have.  think before you speak today...  

how unsatisfied have you become with your wealth?


final challenge: a photo

sorry i didn't have a better quality.. so here's a cell phone picture haha

the sunset on a fun challenge!  

and this is part of the reason for my happy life...i get to see this everyday!  (okay, not from the sand because it's kind of cool these days.  but from my back window!)  ahh...  i love you pacific ocean.


blog stats and bread

i wish blogger and feedjit would not advertise to me that they can track my blog stats.  it's become an obsession.  not so much the number of people, but what people are reading that i've written. i read my blog so much that i have to go to feedjit to "remove my IP" so that i don't look pathetic.  which i am.  but the last time i went to erase evidence of my unhealthy interest in blog stats i found this:

bahahaa... i found that really funny.  i wonder how they felt reading my ranting post?  i probably shouldn't blog about how obsessive i am about that, but i had to share.  if you haven't read that post, that's what my rants sound like haha.

and in an attempt to make myself a little more domestic... i learned to bake bread today.  i made small (big) sandwich rolls instead of a loaf, just because we're having burgers tonight.  they are so good.  i made one small (really small) roll so i could taste it when they came out of the oven.  i ate that and one of the small rolls haha.. this bread is yummy.  the recipe will be up at the heritage kitchen eventually.  look for it!  

we also discovered that we had a cat on our roof yesterday morning.  we heard really loud meowing and john thought it was in the house. but no.  he was sitting under the window in our guest room (on top of the garage) and crying.  we got the run around for a while, which ended when i called PMO and the guy all but laughed at me before saying, "what do you want US to do with the cat, ma'am?"  so we're now housing him in our garage until the domestic animal control office is open... on THURSDAY.  we can't take him to the humane society because we live outside of their jurisdiction.  i guess you can only be humane in a 10-mile radius.  now he's hanging out in a corner in our garage.

anyway, he's cute.  but a bit skittish.  poor thing. 


lastly.  wade phillips is no longer a friend of the cowboys.  can i get an amen??

challenge day 29: wishes

so, today i'm supposed to write three wishes.  (thank you for helping me reign myself in, katie... i needed it!).  well, i don't make wishes really, so i'll tell you what i'm praying for.

3. i pray that i can have children.  and with that, i hope to become more domestic.  i want to be one of those mama's that people envy... mostly in the kitchen.  some people want to be great doctors or lawyers.. i want to be a great housewife and mom.  which includes baking my own bread, which i'm doing right now.  i've never baked bread from scratch, so wish me luck.

2. i pray that my kids get to enjoy their grandparents.  i know that's kinda strange, as my and john's parents are healthy and going, but it's something that crosses my mind.  a lot of my family had kids out of wedlock and very young, but they got to hang with my grandma and she's passed, so i just think about it.  i'm weird. 

1. i pray that i continually grow in my faith and constantly learn more about the word of God.. and i'm studying.  but i feel like i study so slowly and there is so much to know.  with this prayer, i guess that i may as well add a request for some more self control or discipline.  i can be so lazy.  was that a twofer?  sorry.

what are you guys wishing for?


challenge day 28: STRESS!!!!!!

i can't believe this challenge is so close to being over.  what the heck will i write about now?  i guess that kind of stresses me out.  but there are a few things that never fail to raise my blood pressure.  here is a count down.

updated 11/07/10 19:06 - added a number five.  couldn't help myself.

number five.
why do you ask me for advice? why do you unload your crap on me? WHY do you CONTINUE to bemoan your situation and never, ever, ever make a change?  not even try to take advice?  not even pretend like you're going to try to take advice?  i do not want to hear you talk about your problems.  i will happily listen to you talk through your problems: grow, move on, heal... but not complain.  and then... you get your feelings hurt when i'm honest with you.  are we twelve? 

number four.
image from wired.com
you may think this is traffic, and you'd be right.  but specifically, it's LOS ANGELES.  i do not love that place.  ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!   (can you tell how serious i am?)  i don't mind heavy traffic all that much, i DID grow up 15 minutes from san francisco.  but los angeles traffic is obnoxious.  two a.m. on a tuesday?  where are you going?  SO many people who probably don't have licenses, and think they're more important than you, and mainly just so many people.  i'll get to that in a second.  

number three. 

from kevin baker, via les jones.

politics.  the end.  

number two. 
photo by dennis macdonald

i have what can only really be defined as social anxiety.  i won't get into the details, but crowds of people (especially those being herded) have triggered some pretty serious reactions from me.  i like things where crowds are involved, like sports events and theme parks, but i can hardly handle the people. it doesn't even really have to be a big crowd. Sergeant J is a 100% extrovert though, and that sometimes holds him back unfortunately.  it boils down to these: 1) i do not appreciate unexpected or uninvited physical contact; 2) people are increasingly obnoxious and can't control themselves or their children; and 3) i think people are judging me.  i know they aren't.  don't try to talk me out of it. 

number one. 
i realize that i'm moving quickly from stress to anger with this one, but i hate, let me emphasize HATE bad theology.  i was going to put a picture of joel osteen but i realize that there are some people who like him and i have not finished reading "your best life now" so i don't have enough information to add him to my list.  it's not just prosperity gospel that gets under my skin. others would include incorrect christology, universalism, cheap grace, improper handling of sin, omitting any teaching because of your own sin, and salvation by works. similarly, it stresses me to think that people are being turned against the church because of these false teachings.  i'm going to try not to get on my soapbox here, but suffice it to say that i also don't think you have to be a theological giant, either.  just know the word.  anything added or taken from the word, or anything multiplied or divided in importance in the word is heresy.  know the word! 

one thing that no longer stresses me out is money, thanks to this man:

(dave ramsey from in.com)
 he's reminded me of the stuff my daddy taught me, and taught me some stuff my daddy hadn't thought of.  i know some people love him and some hate him, but he's alright with me!

well now.  if the world could exist without los angeles and politics (especially los angelenos who talk about politics), incorrect views of God, and everyone was polite and didn't do the same things at the same time... i just might be stress free.

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challenge day 27: pets

so, the Sarge and i don't have pets right now and no plans get one.  we had a dog, i'll get to that in a second.

first of all, i didn't grow up in a home with pets.  at least not until i was in high school.  i had a cat named delilah for all four years of high school and a few years of college before my parents finally had to rehome her.  she was really crazy.  like seriously.  i mean, she loved us (as far as we could tell) but she HATED company.  and i don't mean that lightly.  she would hiss and groan and attack!  so our vet suggested half a tablet of valium... it did not work.  we tried giving her a whole tablet before finally just putting her in the laundry room when we had company.  (my parents laundry room was NOT small, it was at least as big as our guest room here!)  but she would finally get out and stalk around the house to the places where people had been seating or gathered and would hiss and groan for at least an hour after people were gone!  she was ridiculous.  but i loved her.  sorry i don't have a picture, i haven't figured out how to scan on my new printer.  but she was precious... just hateful.

11/7 update: i figured it out!  this is my precious delilah.  :)

she was ESPECIALLY hateful when i found a stray cat on my way home from school one day.  i literally saw this car drive past taco bell and throw something out the window.  and it was a tiny little white cat.  i cared for him for a little while (my parents were none the wiser).  they found out eventually of course and we found him a home.  again, no pic.  sorry. [11/7: i actually can't find the few pictures i have of snowball... soooo... maybe another day :)]

then i was pet-less for several years until my senior year in college.  i guess the Sarge and i were pretty serious and decided we wanted a pet.  i didn't really like dogs that much, but our friends had a chocolate lab who the Sarge loved.  so.. we found tyson, a mutt with some lab in him.

he was from dallas and had a tough first 6 months.  his owner kept him in a room most of the day because he worked two jobs and didn't really have time for a pet.  so ty had some maladjusted behaviors, but he was sweet. and lived with me in arkadelphia for a while.  the Sarge would take him out for long, ridiculous 2 hour walks and he LOVED the contry.  he was a crazy dog, but he was so precious.  he loved to cuddle with me and he also loved to go crazy with ol' Sarge (he did clearly have some lab in him... so duh).

so his story is not sad, but i am sad about it.  i moved back to little rock after i graduated high school and the Sarge kept him at his parents house.  that was perfect because it's the country and he could literally run laps around the house (and he did... for about 3 hours when we first took him out there).  they have 4 acres, so he could come and go as he pleased, AND they have two other dogs so he got to make some furry buddies.  the Sarge eventually started working on orders with the military in north little rock, so he had to leave ty at his parents' house.  we planned on bringing him up to live with us once the Sarge got a home in sherwood (which also had a nice backyard), but then we got orders to report to camp pendleton.  and it would have been cruel to bring him back to a situation where he'd have to stay inside most of the time.  and we didn't know what the housing would be like, so we would have had to drive back and get him anyway.  so... he's at the Sarge's parents' house.  and loves it, of course.

but i miss him.

a lot.

we don't want another pet because our lifestyle is not really conducive to pets.  obviously, lots of military families have pets, but we are hoping to expand our family soon and decided that we don't want to get attached to a dog, or be burdened with not being able to live on base because of one.  i'm not really bummed about it.  but i do miss my little ty-ty.  he is a good boy.


challenge day 26: the fam.

doing this, i really realize i don't have enough pictures of my family and myself.  or even just my family.  so i should probably add something like that to my 101.. well anyway. 

so here is a picture of me and the rents.  it's an old photo but we all look the same i'm pretty sure.

this one is from our wedding last year, and that's my brother mike...

these are my oldest two brothers, mike and gary, and my niece jade (gary's youngest daughter). 

and these are my nephews.  my youngest brother's (jason's) two babies.  they were trying on the sarge's gear!  jaden and jordan... so cute!!  jordan is my baby :)  uh, he's 8.

here is some of my extended (arkansas) family at our wedding! 

and of course.  we are our own little family now. <3