101 in 1001 update!

i have completed my list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days.  and the good news is i already completed two of them!  i wanted to bake cupcakes from scratch, and so today, i did! i found a recipe surfing the internet... randomly.  really, really randomly.   it was for pink lemonade cupcakes and i thought immediately, "i have to try those!"  the recipe is over at beantown baker (who you should follow, by the way), and was originally posted at sweet cheeks.  i'll also post it at heritage kitchen soon.

i have once baked from scratch, a cake, which turned out okay-looking and great tasting.  i think these are the same story.  they are yummy, if not a little cakey in texture (as opposed to light and fluffy!).  that's probably my fault though, since i'm not really much of a baker.  they are made with pink lemonade concentrate, so naturally, my culinary prowess starting churning a way to mess with perfection.

i'm sure you were thinking: aleasa, that's only one goal completed!  nope.  it's two.  because i created a second cupcake recipe from this knowledge base.  of course, i don't know anything about baking, so i have no idea if it could work but... what about orange juice concentrate and vanilla buttercream?!  it would be like a creamsicle!

so, these are REALLY yummy! but the texture is definitely a bit off. so i'll be tweaking it a little.  but i am rather proud of myself.  plus they're so pretty!  i'm going to take them over to my buddy's house tomorrow for small group and see what her and the fam think. 

at least they look pretty, no?


  1. How awesome! I would love to make one of these lists...I just need to find some time! Any tips of how you made yours?

  2. Yay! Woot woot for crossing off the list haha.
    And they are georgeous and I'm sure VERY delicious! Yum! :)