blog stats and bread

i wish blogger and feedjit would not advertise to me that they can track my blog stats.  it's become an obsession.  not so much the number of people, but what people are reading that i've written. i read my blog so much that i have to go to feedjit to "remove my IP" so that i don't look pathetic.  which i am.  but the last time i went to erase evidence of my unhealthy interest in blog stats i found this:

bahahaa... i found that really funny.  i wonder how they felt reading my ranting post?  i probably shouldn't blog about how obsessive i am about that, but i had to share.  if you haven't read that post, that's what my rants sound like haha.

and in an attempt to make myself a little more domestic... i learned to bake bread today.  i made small (big) sandwich rolls instead of a loaf, just because we're having burgers tonight.  they are so good.  i made one small (really small) roll so i could taste it when they came out of the oven.  i ate that and one of the small rolls haha.. this bread is yummy.  the recipe will be up at the heritage kitchen eventually.  look for it!  

we also discovered that we had a cat on our roof yesterday morning.  we heard really loud meowing and john thought it was in the house. but no.  he was sitting under the window in our guest room (on top of the garage) and crying.  we got the run around for a while, which ended when i called PMO and the guy all but laughed at me before saying, "what do you want US to do with the cat, ma'am?"  so we're now housing him in our garage until the domestic animal control office is open... on THURSDAY.  we can't take him to the humane society because we live outside of their jurisdiction.  i guess you can only be humane in a 10-mile radius.  now he's hanging out in a corner in our garage.

anyway, he's cute.  but a bit skittish.  poor thing. 


lastly.  wade phillips is no longer a friend of the cowboys.  can i get an amen??

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  1. Ohh what is all this about? feedjit? I think i'm in love; i simply must try this!
    And girl, is baking bread off of your 101? You are the Woman! I still haven't finished my entire list! (I'm so NOT the woman)...
    loves you!