challenge, day 25: iTunes

i'm posting this early because it's my FAVORITE topic.  i wrote this at least a week ago so i'm just pulling the trigger :)

ten random songs that pop up on my itunes...

01: oceans, the format
and oh i wish i was an ocean, maybe then i'd get to see you again..

** the format is (was) my FAVORITE band!! 

02: peaches, presidents of the united states of america.  yes.
if i had my little way, i'd eat peaches everyday..
nature's candy in my hand, or a can, or a pie (yeah yeah)

03: say yes, floetry
i recognize the butterflies inside
you make me so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so.......

04: goodbye earl, dixie chicks
wanda looked all around this town and all she found was earl..

05: tolley wood, eisley
out one day, walking one day, out one day with you hallelujah..
i've gone for the day to the trolley wood, the trolley wood is taking me away!

06: north carolina, petey pablo.... what?
this one's for you, who? us, us, us!  bahahahaa

07: crash into me (live), dave matthews band
if i've gone overboard, i'm begging you to forgive me 
tied up and twisted, the way i'd like to be..

08: his eye is on the sparrow, jessica simpson (a favorite hymn... and i have about 4 versions of this song on my computer)
why should i feel discouraged, 
why should the shadows come?
and why should my heart feel so lonely, 
and long for heaven and home?
when jesus is my portion, a constant friend is he
his eye is on the sparrow and i know he watches me
i sing because i'm happy, i sing because i'm free..

matthew 6:25-34

09: oh my soul loves jesus, kurt carr singers
words don't convey what my heart wants to say.. 
..not even angels' voices can worship God for me

10: i'll never break your heart, backstreet boys
honey, he's nothing like me.

AND i'm going to do a few more... just because i like this exercise.

11: malaguena salerosa, chingon - kill bill soundtrack
besar tus labios quisiera (i'd like to kiss your lips)
yo no te ofrezco riquezas (i don't offer you wealth)
te ofrezco mi corazon (i offer you my heart)

12: i am free, mariah
you gave me a breath of life, unclouded my eyes..
with a sweet serenity, lighting a ray of hope for me
now, i am free.

13: california dreamin', the mamas and papas - i probably have every song relating to california.  i went through withdrawals in arkansas!
if i didn't tell her, i could leave today
california dreamin' on such a winter's day

14: the chase, pidgeon john 
i like her 
a-a-a-and she likes him
a-a-a-and what am i to do?
a-a-a-and gotta gotta win...

15: no more rain, angie stone
broken spirit, lost and confused
empty, scare, used, and abused
a fool.
..hold on.. in time, it gets a little better.
*best verse during a breakup:
so you want to live?  
to you i shall give all the space you requested
hope you don't live to regret
you say you're in your prime
baby, don't waste your time
remember my love 
it's only a thin line

well... i guess my jam session is over.

thanks for joining me :)
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  1. Jessica Simpson can sing! I think sometimes I forget that. hahaha.

    Great list! Found you at Katie's Journey

  2. Wasn't this so much fun! Great list!

  3. Yay for Jessica Simpson! I'll have to listen to that song. I bet it's amazing. She made my list, too. I like that you put lyrics.

  4. Peaches just took me back to junior high, hahaha

  5. I love the diversity! That could be my ipod!

  6. LOL Love your list! And You, lady, are cool too ;)