challenge day 26: the fam.

doing this, i really realize i don't have enough pictures of my family and myself.  or even just my family.  so i should probably add something like that to my 101.. well anyway. 

so here is a picture of me and the rents.  it's an old photo but we all look the same i'm pretty sure.

this one is from our wedding last year, and that's my brother mike...

these are my oldest two brothers, mike and gary, and my niece jade (gary's youngest daughter). 

and these are my nephews.  my youngest brother's (jason's) two babies.  they were trying on the sarge's gear!  jaden and jordan... so cute!!  jordan is my baby :)  uh, he's 8.

here is some of my extended (arkansas) family at our wedding! 

and of course.  we are our own little family now. <3


  1. These are great pictures! You have an awesome looking family!

  2. Love these! Your nephews are ridic adorable.

  3. You have a beautiful family! Your nephews are super cute! I like that last photo of y'all, so much attitude in it!!