challenge day 27: pets

so, the Sarge and i don't have pets right now and no plans get one.  we had a dog, i'll get to that in a second.

first of all, i didn't grow up in a home with pets.  at least not until i was in high school.  i had a cat named delilah for all four years of high school and a few years of college before my parents finally had to rehome her.  she was really crazy.  like seriously.  i mean, she loved us (as far as we could tell) but she HATED company.  and i don't mean that lightly.  she would hiss and groan and attack!  so our vet suggested half a tablet of valium... it did not work.  we tried giving her a whole tablet before finally just putting her in the laundry room when we had company.  (my parents laundry room was NOT small, it was at least as big as our guest room here!)  but she would finally get out and stalk around the house to the places where people had been seating or gathered and would hiss and groan for at least an hour after people were gone!  she was ridiculous.  but i loved her.  sorry i don't have a picture, i haven't figured out how to scan on my new printer.  but she was precious... just hateful.

11/7 update: i figured it out!  this is my precious delilah.  :)

she was ESPECIALLY hateful when i found a stray cat on my way home from school one day.  i literally saw this car drive past taco bell and throw something out the window.  and it was a tiny little white cat.  i cared for him for a little while (my parents were none the wiser).  they found out eventually of course and we found him a home.  again, no pic.  sorry. [11/7: i actually can't find the few pictures i have of snowball... soooo... maybe another day :)]

then i was pet-less for several years until my senior year in college.  i guess the Sarge and i were pretty serious and decided we wanted a pet.  i didn't really like dogs that much, but our friends had a chocolate lab who the Sarge loved.  so.. we found tyson, a mutt with some lab in him.

he was from dallas and had a tough first 6 months.  his owner kept him in a room most of the day because he worked two jobs and didn't really have time for a pet.  so ty had some maladjusted behaviors, but he was sweet. and lived with me in arkadelphia for a while.  the Sarge would take him out for long, ridiculous 2 hour walks and he LOVED the contry.  he was a crazy dog, but he was so precious.  he loved to cuddle with me and he also loved to go crazy with ol' Sarge (he did clearly have some lab in him... so duh).

so his story is not sad, but i am sad about it.  i moved back to little rock after i graduated high school and the Sarge kept him at his parents house.  that was perfect because it's the country and he could literally run laps around the house (and he did... for about 3 hours when we first took him out there).  they have 4 acres, so he could come and go as he pleased, AND they have two other dogs so he got to make some furry buddies.  the Sarge eventually started working on orders with the military in north little rock, so he had to leave ty at his parents' house.  we planned on bringing him up to live with us once the Sarge got a home in sherwood (which also had a nice backyard), but then we got orders to report to camp pendleton.  and it would have been cruel to bring him back to a situation where he'd have to stay inside most of the time.  and we didn't know what the housing would be like, so we would have had to drive back and get him anyway.  so... he's at the Sarge's parents' house.  and loves it, of course.

but i miss him.

a lot.

we don't want another pet because our lifestyle is not really conducive to pets.  obviously, lots of military families have pets, but we are hoping to expand our family soon and decided that we don't want to get attached to a dog, or be burdened with not being able to live on base because of one.  i'm not really bummed about it.  but i do miss my little ty-ty.  he is a good boy.

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