challenge day 28: STRESS!!!!!!

i can't believe this challenge is so close to being over.  what the heck will i write about now?  i guess that kind of stresses me out.  but there are a few things that never fail to raise my blood pressure.  here is a count down.

updated 11/07/10 19:06 - added a number five.  couldn't help myself.

number five.
why do you ask me for advice? why do you unload your crap on me? WHY do you CONTINUE to bemoan your situation and never, ever, ever make a change?  not even try to take advice?  not even pretend like you're going to try to take advice?  i do not want to hear you talk about your problems.  i will happily listen to you talk through your problems: grow, move on, heal... but not complain.  and then... you get your feelings hurt when i'm honest with you.  are we twelve? 

number four.
image from wired.com
you may think this is traffic, and you'd be right.  but specifically, it's LOS ANGELES.  i do not love that place.  ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!   (can you tell how serious i am?)  i don't mind heavy traffic all that much, i DID grow up 15 minutes from san francisco.  but los angeles traffic is obnoxious.  two a.m. on a tuesday?  where are you going?  SO many people who probably don't have licenses, and think they're more important than you, and mainly just so many people.  i'll get to that in a second.  

number three. 

from kevin baker, via les jones.

politics.  the end.  

number two. 
photo by dennis macdonald

i have what can only really be defined as social anxiety.  i won't get into the details, but crowds of people (especially those being herded) have triggered some pretty serious reactions from me.  i like things where crowds are involved, like sports events and theme parks, but i can hardly handle the people. it doesn't even really have to be a big crowd. Sergeant J is a 100% extrovert though, and that sometimes holds him back unfortunately.  it boils down to these: 1) i do not appreciate unexpected or uninvited physical contact; 2) people are increasingly obnoxious and can't control themselves or their children; and 3) i think people are judging me.  i know they aren't.  don't try to talk me out of it. 

number one. 
i realize that i'm moving quickly from stress to anger with this one, but i hate, let me emphasize HATE bad theology.  i was going to put a picture of joel osteen but i realize that there are some people who like him and i have not finished reading "your best life now" so i don't have enough information to add him to my list.  it's not just prosperity gospel that gets under my skin. others would include incorrect christology, universalism, cheap grace, improper handling of sin, omitting any teaching because of your own sin, and salvation by works. similarly, it stresses me to think that people are being turned against the church because of these false teachings.  i'm going to try not to get on my soapbox here, but suffice it to say that i also don't think you have to be a theological giant, either.  just know the word.  anything added or taken from the word, or anything multiplied or divided in importance in the word is heresy.  know the word! 

one thing that no longer stresses me out is money, thanks to this man:

(dave ramsey from in.com)
 he's reminded me of the stuff my daddy taught me, and taught me some stuff my daddy hadn't thought of.  i know some people love him and some hate him, but he's alright with me!

well now.  if the world could exist without los angeles and politics (especially los angelenos who talk about politics), incorrect views of God, and everyone was polite and didn't do the same things at the same time... i just might be stress free.

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  1. wow. thtz a goodlist of stress items. agree with crowd. Yesterday went to temple for Diwali - the crowd reminded me of days back in India, didnt wait long and rushed back home as early as possible

  2. I love Dave Ramsey! I read Total Money Makeover a few months ago and it changed my views on money too!

  3. I have a mild case of social anxiety as well!

  4. Haha, I got to take the 405 to work. It was SOO exciting :) Even worse when it rained.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog ;-) I am impressed - a list WITH pictures! Just looking at the images you posed, well the top few, stressed me out! MIKI