challenge day 29: wishes

so, today i'm supposed to write three wishes.  (thank you for helping me reign myself in, katie... i needed it!).  well, i don't make wishes really, so i'll tell you what i'm praying for.

3. i pray that i can have children.  and with that, i hope to become more domestic.  i want to be one of those mama's that people envy... mostly in the kitchen.  some people want to be great doctors or lawyers.. i want to be a great housewife and mom.  which includes baking my own bread, which i'm doing right now.  i've never baked bread from scratch, so wish me luck.

2. i pray that my kids get to enjoy their grandparents.  i know that's kinda strange, as my and john's parents are healthy and going, but it's something that crosses my mind.  a lot of my family had kids out of wedlock and very young, but they got to hang with my grandma and she's passed, so i just think about it.  i'm weird. 

1. i pray that i continually grow in my faith and constantly learn more about the word of God.. and i'm studying.  but i feel like i study so slowly and there is so much to know.  with this prayer, i guess that i may as well add a request for some more self control or discipline.  i can be so lazy.  was that a twofer?  sorry.

what are you guys wishing for?

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  1. I love the twist that you did on this! That is exactly what I wanted people to do, adapt them to meet their needs.