challenge days 20, 21 & 22: playing catch up! also known as the longest post and post title ever.

well, i was doing so well with the challenge until now. and i got tagged by kit @ a step into my life! we had such a fun weekend, i was too pooped to write. so i'll do a quick catch up of the challenge topics and my 8 questions from kit. 

day 20: nicknames.
so i was debating sharing my nicknames, because i had discovered that one of my pet peeves is when someone calls me by a special nickname.  like, really.  it makes me furious.  you don't know my life.  hahha... but i'll share a few of them.  my mom calls me iola.  like the lady on mama's family.

bahahaaa.... i don't know if that's where it came from, but every time i think about it, it cracks me up.  also, several adults call me missy.  i'm not sure where it came from, but i stopped fighting it a long time ago.  i've been called missy since i can remember.  don't call me that though.  i don't really hate it, but it's a nickname that only my elders call me.  and somehow, my eldest brothers children.  also, my best buddy from college calls me leasal... i have no idea where that started.  but her name's megan and i call her jodie (among other things), so i guess it evens out hahaa...at any rate, those are the only ones i'm sharing.  everyone calls me aleasa.  my name's aleasa.  you can call me aleasa. :)

day 21: a picture of myself
i don't take a lot of pictures of myself.  so here's one of me and john.  from a while back, when we visited our friends in dallas!

day 22: favorite city
i haven't been, but i'm willing to bet that it's going to be florence.

but since i haven't been there, i'll pick another.  i've only ever been to haiti, mexico, canada, austria (kind of lol), jordan and israel, so i'm going to pick a place stateside.  not because i don't love those places, but because i have the most travel experience here!  :)

i won't pick san francisco, since i'm from there.  that would be the obvious choice.  but for kicks, here is a picture of it (and AT&T stadium, home of the GIANTS!! woooooooo hoo!)

and i also won't choose new york, even though i really love going there.  i mean, seriously.  if you haven't been, go.  it's everything you've heard about it.

i'm going to give in and pick dallas.  it's the city, but it has the charm of the south.  and let's be honest, i love the south.  and i love texas (don't let any of my texas friends hear me saying that!).  plus it's the home of the cowboys.  PLUS i can find my way around it pretty easily. haha.. it's probably where john and i will move when he finishes his fifteen years!  and that's my choice.

did anyone else notice i picked more than one?  what??

now for my questions! 

the rule here is that i answer these 8 questions and tag 8 more folks with 8 questions to answer.  so here we are:

1. What is your go to outfit? (pictures if you have them)
jeans and a t-shirt.  i mean, seriously.  i've never been good at dressing up, it's never felt quite right.  so... i guess i don't need a picture for that lol.  

2. What are you saving up for now?
we have several savings sub accounts.  mainly we are saving up a $1000 emergency fund... almost done... and we're saving up for our trip to arkansas!  it's our one year anniversary.  we're going back to the hotel where we had our reception, so we can go to the same restaurant and bar after.  and that requires a savings of its own ha!

3. What is your go to breakfast?
bagel and cream cheese!  preferably a cheddar bagel...  yummmmm

4. What is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving?
candied yams!  oh my gosh.  

5. If you could go on any reality tv show what would it be?
the biggest loser... maybe.  nobody wants to see me in biking shorts and a sports bra on the flat screen.

6. How many children to you want to have?
two, three or four.  it depends on what day it is..

7. What room do you like best in your house? (pictures if you want)
the obvious answer is the kitchen since i love to cook, but i don't have any pictures of it.  and it's not much to look at anyway.  but i like our guest bedroom even though we don't get to spend a lot of time in there.  
and, this is more like a half room, but it's the dining room portion of our "living/dining" combo.  those mirrors are my crowning glory (they were a pain to get up there.. don't ask!).  and i love our dining set.  it's so cute and it was our first furniture purchase!

8. What is your dream vacation?
we're saving up right now!  we're planning on going to italy, hopefully for our 3 year anniversary if not earlier.  i want to do a tour of northern italy (definitely hitting rome, venice, florence and milan) and stay for 10-14 days or so.  if it's a DREAM vacation, i would to add a mediterranean cruise on to the end of that, along with a few days of vacation recovery in sicily lol.  but that's another vacation all together. 

here are my questions.  and, i'm relatively new to blogging, so i don't have another 8 people to tag... sorry.  but i'm going to do my best to tag some who haven't been tagged already.  let's see who takes the bait.
1. what is your current favorite song?
2. what were you doing last year at this time?
3. name your top three TV shows.
4. what's your favorite restaurant or cuisine?  or both?
5. what's for dinner tonight?
6. what's new for you in 2011?
7. if you could bring back one trend, what would it be?
8. what is your favorite piece of decor or furniture in your house?  (pictures if you've got 'em!)

and GO!

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  1. Oh yay...didn't have anything to blog about today. I will be answering your questions! :-)

  2. it infuriates me too when people not designated for specific nickname usage feel it's okay for them to use said nickname. there's been a few times where i've legit told people to quit.

  3. And what's not to love about the South? We have charm ;)
    Love your Q&A...love getting to know more about you, friend! :)

  4. Thanks so much for tagging me! I'll definitely answer the questions sometime this week. :)