giving thanks!

first, i hope everyone had a happy veterans day holiday!  i had to work, actually, but the Sarge and carin's hubby josh took the kds and had a free meal at applebee's, where i got the unexpected news that the food didn't suck.  i have NEVER known applebee's to be good.  ...well, they didn't say GOOD, but not horrible.  while they were gone, carin and i decided that we are going to do thanksgiving together!  we have so much food planned already, even the six of us probably can't eat it all!  but it's exciting none the less.  you should go by her blog and say hello, all because two people fell in love.

we brought in the stray cat, for those of you who remember my earlier post.  he is a great cat, but i think i'm allergic so we're going to have to call base animal control if we don't find someone to take him by tomorrow (sunday).  that makes me really sad!  i posted about him on our local website, but only one person responded and she backed out today.  gah.  we feed him twice a day and the Sarge is starting to get attached to him.  never good.  but in addition to being allergic, i also know that if we keep him, the Sarge will start to get irritated by him (especially if he does things the Sarge doesn't like...)

he has a little tassel on the end of his tail... does anyone know what kind of cat that makes him?  he doesn't have any other distinctive traits really.  we do think he's young though, because he is really playful.

the Sarge got out of bed to feed him today and came back saying, "i know what it feels like to be hungry... but i can make my own food.  poor little guy."  and it made me think, we are really blessed.  we get all funny looking in the pantry at shelves full of food and saying "there's nothing to eat!"  or racks full of clothes with "nothing to wear."

we are wealthy... maybe not by america's ridiculously exorbitant standards, but we really are. i am thankful for what i have.  think before you speak today...  

how unsatisfied have you become with your wealth?


  1. You are SO right, Aleasa. It's so easy for us to forget that 'wealth' isn't always classified by monetary gain...but by family, friends, and most importantly-a relationship with Jesus.
    And I have an award for you @ my blog! Please come and pick it up :)

  2. Just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing with the Giving Thanks challenge. You have a great list going! And like SayRah commented, the relationship with Jesus tops them all. Hope the rest of the month goes well for you, and that you have a fun time celebrating Thanksgiving!

    - Leah