i did not slack.

i did.  so i'm going to do quick catch up from the days i missed!  what kept me from you all?  well.. nothing in particular.  but i have some news to share that makes me VERY happy!

so.. as you know... i decided to invest in some scentsy.  (haven't heard of it?  try it FREE by entering my giveaway!)  one of my older brothers has been involved with an e-commerce "situation" for the past few years and was quickly forming a cult-like obsession with his business.  i think he's finally out of it, but it left a lasting impression on my family.  also, you should know one thing about me: most of my jobs have included a sales element and i HATE sales.  with a passion.  so when i told my mom i wanted to sell scentsy, she was none too pleased.  she wasn't hateful, but she was definitely skeptical.

well.  i told her last wednesday and sent her the link to look at the warmers.  she hasn't said anything about it, but TODAY she called and said that she is considering buying warmers for the THIRTEEN deacons' and ministers' wives at our church!  what!?  mom??  i almost cried while i told her how the pricing goes and all.  i was SO touched that my mama is willing to support me even when she doesn't love when i'm doing.  talk about a great family! 

and now, enough with the tearing up.  time for one of the longest posts i will probably ever write. yeah right!  i love to pontificate!  

Day 4 - your favorite book 
well.  my favorite book is the bible, but i guess that's the easy answer.  my favorite BOOK of the bible is a tie between philippians, romans, and hebrews... not sure.  

but i love to read and like all the cool kids, i generally prefer non-fiction.  i have lots of other "favorite" books. in no particular order: 

same kind of different as me
denver moore & ron hall

from every people and nation
danny hays 

mere christianity
c.s. lewis

native son
richard wright

reason to believe
r.c. sproul

love beyond reason
john ortberg 

the time traveler's wife
audrey niffenegger
you must READ this! the movie doesn't do it justice, as is usually the case..

g.k. chesterton

anything by a.w. tozer

and yes,
the twilight series
1-3 though.  4, not so much.
do NOT judge me.

Day 5 - your favorite quote 

i actually don't have a favorite quote, mostly scripture, but here are a few that i've found and have held on to! 
beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.  - miss piggy
never take down a fence unless you know the reason it was put up.  - chesterton

life without the courage for death is slavery. - seneca

Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things 

1. cooking a meal that comes out exactly as i pictured it
2. the feeling that comes after going to church when you didn't really feel like it that morning
3. talking to my mom, dad, or brother
4. john r. watson
5. snuggling under lots of covers before going to bed
6. saturday morning lazy-in-bed conversations with my husband..they're the best!
7. learning new things. 
8. freshly shaven legs!
9. a good smelling house or car
10. a clean, uncluttered, organized space
11. reese's peanut butter cups
12. comedians. none in particular, i just like people to try to entertain me.
13. football season
14. snacking on marshmallows.  who am i kidding, just snacking.
15. decorating
16. vacationing and traveling in general
17. not dressing up
18. spending time in our church's prayer room
19. reading into the wee wee hours of the morning because i JUST can't put down the book!
20. finding good friends. 


  1. awww! That is so sweet of your Mom!
    And I adore C.S. Lewis...and I completely wont judge you for reading Twilight if you won't judge me! (Oh yes, I'm a fan!).
    We're just typically labeled 'those twilight freaks'.
    But we'll smile, won't we? hehe.

  2. I LOVED Twilight so there will be absolutely no judging from me ;)