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challenge day 14: a non-fiction book

well, kind of like yesterday, i am not exactly sure if we're just talking about a favorite or a current read.  since i embarrassed myself yesterday with talk of the twilight business, i guess i'll try to redeem myself by talking about something with some substance. 

my favorite, favorite non-fiction book is this one:

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one of my professors at ouachita wrote it.  it's a historical account of ethnicity and race in the bible.  it's eye opening.  going to a southern baptist college, being one of the only (if not the only) black person in my biblical studies courses, i had the tendency to wonder where race falls in american theology.  of course, i never felt discriminated against at school, but it's no secret that the "south" has used "the bible" as an excuse for their "behavior" once or twice.  that, and the most racist people i have personally ever met are "professing christians".  so anyway, it just gave me a great perspective on issues of race.  not for debating or arguing, just as a personal apologetic for what i already knew had to be true. 

second is this one:

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an eye opening look at christianity as a global entity (which, let's be honest, we in america often ignore), including where we've come from and where we're going.  it will rock your little sunday morning world.

the most challenging non-fiction work i have read, maybe ever, was chesterton's orthodoxy:

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the language is so antiquated, but the ideas are so fresh.  i loved this book, though i could only read one chapter at a time (and often more than once).  i recommend chesterton to anyone who is patient and wants to improve their reading comprehension skills!

of course, anything my a.w. tozer would make the favorites list as well.  i enjoy anything the teaches me something and anything introspective and convicting. 

let's not participate in the dumbing down of america.

let's read more. 

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