time for a new planner, and will i ever stay caught up?


i LOVE planners.

i never use them like i should, but buying them and/or starting a new one is one of my favorite things ever.  i found one last year that i am in love with.  if you like being organized (or faking it, like me), go get yourself one of these:

get buttoned up!
the new one for 2011 doesn't come out till december and, don't judge me, i set a reminder.  also, i think i'm just in love with this company, because i want to buy their "life organizer" too.  it's an organizers dream!  and on a completely unrelated note, can you BELIEVE it's almost 2011?  whew.

second ...the new thing in our journey to childbearing... i'm having a pelvic ultrasound today.  so.. pray that the result will be some answers! 

now those out of the way.  let's talk blog challenge.  this thing is supposed to make me a better blogger.  why aren't y'all fussing at me?  here i am, catching up again.  this should not happen!

Day 11 - a photo of you recently
dagnabbit.  i have not taken very good pictures these last few months.  but here's one from thanksgiving.

Day 12 - something you are OCD about
i am a neat freak.  so.. i'm not that neat.  but when it comes to cleaning and organizing the house, i do NOT do it half-heartedly!  i mean.. it's kind of ridiculous.  i care about the way things are lined up on the counter, or placed in the silverware tray, or sitting on the shelves of our fridge or pantry or linen closet.  i fold all our towels the same way so that they stack neatly and uniformly on the shelves.  and i am super anal about those things being changed!  (of course, once they are out of line, they tend to stay that way until i get all crazy on them again.)  do not judge me.

Day 13 - a fictional book
twilight.  it's what i'm reading right now.  for the third time.  what?


  1. I love buying planners too! This is the first year though, where I have actually used it!

  2. You are too cute! Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndddddddd, we are the same person. That's all.