top two and other news

top two favorite jobs - this is a hard topic because i pretty much have loved every job i've ever had.  i know, i'm weird. 

2. hallmark construction
i am not sure why i loved this job so much.  i started as a receptionist for a commercial construction company in 2005 and i just loved the people and the work.  i was basically a front office manager, which included maintaining a plan room (you know... architectural plans).  then, i moved back into accounting, where i managed receivables, insurance, and payroll.  i just loved all of our delivery people and mostly the whole staff.  it was a small office and we got to hang out together a lot.  i had a non-scary boss, and a great friend there.  i think it was just a good time in my life in general, which is why i have such fond memories of it.  unfortunately, i had to move home to finish school and, like all good things, it had to come to an end :(

1. stay at home wife / mom 
well, i have always, always wanted to be a sahm.  i've never had other career ambitions at all, other than to serve the Lord.  and, i work part time by choice at the moment, but i can't wait to be a full timer.  i love serving my husband (not in a degrading way of course!)... and there is, in my opinion, no more important job than being a mom.  even working part time (and loving my job) there is always something that goes undone here at the house and it frustrates me. 

in other news..

i went to the doctor last week and was able to make an appointment with a fertility specialist!  we go see him in january, as he only sees one couple a week.  we have decided that we are not pursuing fertility to the full extent of its available treatments (for ethical reasons), but the first step is to find out if everything is okay!  normally you have to wait a year before seeing a specialist, but based on my history (or just having a nice doctor) we didn't have to wait quite that long.  so i'd appreciate your prayers!


i bought a scentsy warmer. and i'm thinking of selling it (scentsy products that is)!  i'm not typically into the direct selling thing... would y'all buy a warmer from me?  :-)

this is the one i got:
 ok.  love love. 


  1. You know, I've heard a lot about Scentsy but never tried it ... is it pretty reasonably priced?

    PS - thinking of you.

  2. I'm in love with Scentsy! I want one of EVERYTHING they make!!