food coma

i promised i would try to write while we were on vacation, and here i am! 

the question comes up: what's your favorite holiday tradition?  and i hardly have an answer because we haven't really had a special "tradition" for the holidays.  my mom and i decorated cookies for the first time in a lot of years last week.. it warmed my little heart.  i wouldn't call that a tradition.  the closest thing to a tradition that i've got so far is my annual pledge class party.  we've done that the past three years... but i feel that this may be the last year for various reasons.  so that's not exactly a tradition.  we don't usually have a lot of gifts, just a few significant ones because we don't want to lose the reason for the season... which means i don't have a special gift-opening tradition either! 

so i guess my being with family is my tradition.  i'm always trying to find some family to spend time with, and i'll usually be able to scrape up enough to go visit someone.  what's your tradition?  i think i need some ideas for myself and the sarge.  we have bought an ornament for both years, and idea i pretty much borrowed from kat, but that's about it so far.

also, i made it!  i had to stay in the real country for a few days.  y'all know i'm a city girl.  san francisco bay area, born and raised.  i don't do well with things that scurry.  but i made it, thank God.  it was fun hanging out with sergeant j's family though.  his youngest sister and i had a girl's day in little rock, which was really fun.  she doesn't get to go up there too often and every girl needs time away from the 'rents :)

hopefully, there will be pictures soon.  i know that's what you guys really care about these days.  at any rate, if i don't see you (or ... read you) before,

merry christmas!

oops i forgot to tell you about the title.  the sarge and i have been eating at all our favorite arkansas- or southern-only restaurants and i'm just about able to roll back to california, if it were downhill.  i'm a mess.  i guess january's blog will be about a diet.  we have a ball to attend in june, and i can't be a butterball!  

i told my mom i was well on my way to eating myself into a food coma and her response? 

"how fun!!"

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