how cliche can we get?

day 15.  role models.  i usually hate these questions.

it is unfortunate to say, but i don't have anyone who i consider to be a role model.  i admire some people, so i guess that would have to do.  i am myself and i recognize that.  but these ladies have made a big impression on me, in a way i hope to make an impression on a young girl someday.

one is my mom, of course.  she is an amazing woman.  she loves people in the most intimate and honest way.  she is an entertainer, a caregiver, and a minister to women.  she loves her husband (my dad) through everything, good and bad.  she is a woman and a lady.  if she had gone to ouachita, she would have been an EEE -- classy, that is.  she's as bold and she is beautiful, but also gentle and has a quiet spirit, as i believe paul meant for women.  the older i get, the more she reveals to me about her youth, and each of her embarrassing stories makes me admire her more.  what a gal.  my mama.

another lady i am beginning to value a lot works across from me.  her name's sherry and she's amazing.  she is so poised and well spoken; she's organized and driven, but like my mom she has the most gentle and sweet spirit.  she knows exactly on whom she relies and is so encouraging to young women.  she is like a mom, though she and i have only known each other a while.  i think she gives off the mom vibe.  she loves her husband and has such a strong story of faith.  i got to share a room with her on a staff retreat and i was blown away by her humility.  she's been through so much and has an awesome testimony, but is not a showboat.  i love her more and more each day we work together.  what a woman. 

i hope one day i can have the effect on young women the way these two women have had and continue to have an impression on me.  it helps to remember that someone is always noticing you and your behavior.  your language, your attitude, and the way you carry yourself.  we are all being formed, but that is not an excuse to live how you want to live today and apologize tomorrow. 

who's watching you?

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