the planet

i have dropped off the face of the planet. 

sorry about that.

i'm sure you have (not really) been wondering what the heck happened to me, and the truth (excuse) is that i have just been lazy.  well, busy... and too lazy to sit at my computer to do anything productive (or anything that wasn't frontierville... did i just admit that?)

anyway.  i have missed all of you (especially ty.  yes, i said it.)  so i just decided to bite the bullet and quit dreading the "catch up" and just write something.  


that's supposed to be a razorback lol

so, in the time i've disappeared, i have gone to two christmas parties, ditched one, baked and decorated christmas cookies for the first time in a while, made it half way to a "scentsational start" with scentsy (whoo hoo!!), and mentally checked out of work.  i have not really done a lot of productive things, but i DID start something amazing. 

organizing my life.

you should do it. don't ask me how i found the fly lady site, but i'm glad i did.  i poked around a little and found her "baby steps" to avoiding CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome).  it has just made my little day.  i signed up for a daily digest of her emails which includes a 'flight plan' for the next day; an area to focus on, a mission to accomplish, and a little clutter clearing.  i just love it.. mainly because i am a neat person BUT i sometimes get overwhelmed with the little things that get overlooked.  i love that i am now creating some HABITS to keep life in order instead of the out-of-hand mess it wants to be.  for example, here was today's flight plan (in a nutshell--and paraphrased of course):  go through the personal hygiene ridiculousness in your bathroom (this week's zone is the main bathroom and guest room); spend 5 minutes decluttering.  easy.  but i'll admit, i wouldn't do it on my own.  go to flylady.net.  try not to be overwhelmed.  she has a great philosophy.


tomorrow we're leaving for arkansas.  *dancing*  this is the reason i've been checked out.. i can't wait to see my mommy and daddy.  and megan.  and my pledge sisters.  i'm going to miss seeing the ocean and the sun though, i already know that.  but a visit to my folks is long overdo.

so there's my life in 5 minutes.  hope i didn't bore you to death.  i promise i will try to promise to write while i'm on vacation (and yes, i meant to write it that way).

happy trails friends.   

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  1. i'm going to go ahead and put it out on the table that i'll PROBABLY have tears of complete joy when i see you. i'm sure everyone in S-town that talks to me on a regular basis is ready for you to be here so i will shut up. :)