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Happy New Year!

Granted, that's pretty late.  We're half way through January, yet.  ....wait, what?  Yes.  Almost halfway (if you can believe it)!  So I hope everyone had a merry merry Christmas and a fabulous new year... and I hope you haven't already given up on you New Year's Resolutions.  :)

John and I had a GLORIOUS three and a half week vacation to Arkansas, during which we saw most everyone we intended to see and did most everything we intended to do.  Last week it was back to the grind, which is bittersweet.  We really miss our friends and family at home, but we also realized during this vacation that this is our home now.  Moving away from home was, we agreed, the single best thing to have happened to us in our first year of marriage. 

Also, I've been so busy because my SCENTSY business has taken right off!  I didn't expect it to because I _hate_ sales.  Every job I have ever had that included a sales element also included an "Aleasa might blow this place up" element (just kidding).  But, fortunately, I found a product that pretty much sells itself.  Anyway, I've been here and there doing that so I haven't had much time to catch everyone up on my life.

Which I'm also not going to do today. 

I just wanted to make a quick post to say hello.  I have some pictures to add, which I may do tonight.  And share with you my resolution... to eat 1200 calories 6 days a week, and work out three times a week til March.  John and I are on the baby train so we want to be fit and healthy for baby (whenever one comes along).  I will hopefully have a food friday update for everyone ...because you care what I eat. 

What are your resolutions for the new year?

Happy trails,

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