the ship sank.

now i'm watching the oscars.

two things.

#1. i should be going to see someone. but the truth(s) is (are): i'm not that close to him, he has been less than nice to my friend, i don't like where i'd have to go to see him, and i do not feel at all moved that he is off to wander aimlessly in life. so, instead, i'm watching the oscars. i never really watch award shows and i always wonder why after they're over. i just like seeing the classy side of the entertainment industry (a dying life form) and i'm actually kind of in a good mood that i'm doind something i like instead of something i "ought" to be doing. whew.

 i was destined to love this movie. first, i've been obsessed with the story of the titanic since i was about 7, watching the history channel EVERY april to learn new things about it. second, leo (who, by the way, somehow continues to get hotter, ahem, inception). third, it was just a darn good love story/movie/cinematic adventure. obviously the plot isn't all that surprising, but it IS based on an event... you can't get too crazy. and can i tell you something without you judging me? i think i saw it in the movie theaters seven times. i don't know.. i was a teeny bopper at the time -- i couldn't help being a bit obnoxious.

so.. they played a little clip of it during the oscars and i may or may not have teared up a little. i guess i can't deny that it's one of, if not my favorite movie of all time. and i don't OWN it! can you believe that?! my parents have it on VHS at their house (we pre-ordered it) but i only really watch it when i see  it on TBS and their commercials make fun of it haha.. oh well.

what is your favorite movie of all time?

and can i just add this: top least favorite people of today: oprah (all time) and lebron james. the end.

the facebook.

we're watching the social network, and i have to be honest... it's okay. i think i am just bitter because i'm over the whole facebook thing in general. unfortunately, now i feel like i'm stuck with it. there are a lot of people who i like being in touch with casually (i.e. without having to really be friends, texting, calling and such) that i don't want to lose. i think that was the whole point of facebook, after watching it haha. anyway, what did you guys think about the movie, if you've seen it?

i think there is something to be said for a guy who creates something that people love, though. there are hundreds of thousands of products and services that people are trying to market and make us feel about them like we feel about the facebook. and none... NONE of them even get close.

there's just something strange about technology; it moves faster than the human brain develops. we can't handle being defriended on facebook, even less than we can handle our once bff not texting us anymore. why is that? and why do we expose ourselves to it? facebook was actually an important character in the story of sergeant j and aleasa (ask any of OBUs newsfeeds during 2007 haha). facebook has the incredible ability to intensify our feelings toward someone. have you ever looked at pictures of someone you don't like and found yourself making negative comments with each click? oh... don't act like i'm the only one! or becoming obsessed like that verizon (?) commercial with the girl in the tree? haha

and i don't like the infiltration of facebook in ever facet of my online life. i refuse to click "like" on other sites, or "connect with facebook" anywhere. it's a megamind that's kind of out of control. it makes me uncomfortable! i feel so exposed, since facebook changed the networks feature. it was bad enough when the email address thing was lifted, but now.. any old anyone can just pop on. i mean, my privacy settings are pretty strict but dang... it gets old updating privacy setting ad tedium!

and maybe the thing is that i just wish i was smart enough to have created it myself.  :)


even though i have a sore throat...

who doesn't need a little mid-week pick-me-up!

i'm loving catching back up with my blogger sisters! i've missed y'all! :)

i'm loving that i have a shipment coming in from Scentsy today... Hello Spring/Summer 2011 catalog!!

i'm loving my hubby's bright new attitude today! he's been a debbie downer the past few days.. who knows why. but today, he's precious and back to being ridiculous.

i'm loving feeling organized and accomplished after successfully finishing a WHOLE week FLYING! if you don't know what i mean, visit flylady.net. you won't regret it.

and today, specifically....

i'm LOVING one of my favorite bffs and our great conversations!! :)))

go link up and tell us what you're loving today!


february, no. 2

boy... i am in serious need of a blog challenge. i'm sure there are some out there. are any of you guys out there doing one? i do deserve some kudos for not letting february come AND go without a post.. somebody get me a cookie!

at any rate, i hope everyone's valentine's day was a blast! i guess that means Spring is right around the corner! (it's hard to tell with the eternal sunshine in this state.) i guess that also means a new layout, right? this week is shaping up to be a tough one. i'm already feeling under the weather and, even though i just caught up on housework, i think i may be feeling the lazy bug again. how does one get over this hump?

in fertility news, no news is good news. we are just waiting on the docs to call me back in to discuss chlomid. two of our friends who had difficulty conceiving are now pregnant and, instead of being saddened like the old me, i'm really very happy for them! it's giving me hope, having watched their journeys. does that mean i grew?  :)


better than new years

i can't keep new year's resolutions. i think that the fact that they're "new year's resolutions" is, in itself, enough deterrent from actually following through. so i came up with a solution.

first of all, isn't it funny how God set up our calendars or minds (or both) to reset periodically? little resets each new day and week, slightly more refreshing resets every month, nice resets each season, and one big healthy reset every year? yes. i think God is fabulous, very creative.  :)

so i thought, the big year reset is a good time to decide that you're going to do something differently this year than the previous one. a new year's resolution is less practical for me; i have a hard time sticking to things. i'm going to try a new month reset! i already have a weekly reset of sorts flying with the flylady, but each month, i am going to set a personal goal. my new year's resolution was to count calories for 10 weeks.. i made it 3. ha! sounds like i need a more attainable goal. so for FEBRUARY, i intend to blog at least 3 times a week. let's see if i can keep that up.

what will you do for your february?

in other news, scentsy is going great. i kicked butt last month! it's taking up so much more of my time now, but i am loving it. i get to design forms (something that, like a nerd, i enjoy), make samples of good smelling stuff, and plan parties. what the heck? that sounds like what i would do in my free time. i'm totally shocked that i'm liking it.

also, we started a new bible study. it's a 6-week overview of the bible, which i thought i would not like. but i'm actually REALLY enjoying it. too many of us have had to learn about God from stories that were never connected together for us. as a result, we are unable to really understand (or, in some cases, even be interested in) the story of God's work. since the group has mostly been me, the Sarge, and carin, we've been able to treat it more like a class study group.. which i really like. it's making me think that maybe i would enjoy teaching. don't worry.. i'm not going back to school any time soon :)

AND.... we got a kitchen CART! whoooo hoooooo! i love it. our kitchen was big and empty.. now it's awesome.

(techincal difficulties... photo coming soon!)