better than new years

i can't keep new year's resolutions. i think that the fact that they're "new year's resolutions" is, in itself, enough deterrent from actually following through. so i came up with a solution.

first of all, isn't it funny how God set up our calendars or minds (or both) to reset periodically? little resets each new day and week, slightly more refreshing resets every month, nice resets each season, and one big healthy reset every year? yes. i think God is fabulous, very creative.  :)

so i thought, the big year reset is a good time to decide that you're going to do something differently this year than the previous one. a new year's resolution is less practical for me; i have a hard time sticking to things. i'm going to try a new month reset! i already have a weekly reset of sorts flying with the flylady, but each month, i am going to set a personal goal. my new year's resolution was to count calories for 10 weeks.. i made it 3. ha! sounds like i need a more attainable goal. so for FEBRUARY, i intend to blog at least 3 times a week. let's see if i can keep that up.

what will you do for your february?

in other news, scentsy is going great. i kicked butt last month! it's taking up so much more of my time now, but i am loving it. i get to design forms (something that, like a nerd, i enjoy), make samples of good smelling stuff, and plan parties. what the heck? that sounds like what i would do in my free time. i'm totally shocked that i'm liking it.

also, we started a new bible study. it's a 6-week overview of the bible, which i thought i would not like. but i'm actually REALLY enjoying it. too many of us have had to learn about God from stories that were never connected together for us. as a result, we are unable to really understand (or, in some cases, even be interested in) the story of God's work. since the group has mostly been me, the Sarge, and carin, we've been able to treat it more like a class study group.. which i really like. it's making me think that maybe i would enjoy teaching. don't worry.. i'm not going back to school any time soon :)

AND.... we got a kitchen CART! whoooo hoooooo! i love it. our kitchen was big and empty.. now it's awesome.

(techincal difficulties... photo coming soon!)

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