the facebook.

we're watching the social network, and i have to be honest... it's okay. i think i am just bitter because i'm over the whole facebook thing in general. unfortunately, now i feel like i'm stuck with it. there are a lot of people who i like being in touch with casually (i.e. without having to really be friends, texting, calling and such) that i don't want to lose. i think that was the whole point of facebook, after watching it haha. anyway, what did you guys think about the movie, if you've seen it?

i think there is something to be said for a guy who creates something that people love, though. there are hundreds of thousands of products and services that people are trying to market and make us feel about them like we feel about the facebook. and none... NONE of them even get close.

there's just something strange about technology; it moves faster than the human brain develops. we can't handle being defriended on facebook, even less than we can handle our once bff not texting us anymore. why is that? and why do we expose ourselves to it? facebook was actually an important character in the story of sergeant j and aleasa (ask any of OBUs newsfeeds during 2007 haha). facebook has the incredible ability to intensify our feelings toward someone. have you ever looked at pictures of someone you don't like and found yourself making negative comments with each click? oh... don't act like i'm the only one! or becoming obsessed like that verizon (?) commercial with the girl in the tree? haha

and i don't like the infiltration of facebook in ever facet of my online life. i refuse to click "like" on other sites, or "connect with facebook" anywhere. it's a megamind that's kind of out of control. it makes me uncomfortable! i feel so exposed, since facebook changed the networks feature. it was bad enough when the email address thing was lifted, but now.. any old anyone can just pop on. i mean, my privacy settings are pretty strict but dang... it gets old updating privacy setting ad tedium!

and maybe the thing is that i just wish i was smart enough to have created it myself.  :)


  1. Girl, I feel the same way about facebook! It is everywhere and I also hate how I feel like I'm losing privacy with it every day, but like you, I feel stuck!

    I haven't seen The Social Network, perhaps I'll have to check it out.

  2. Came back from the blog party to learn more about you. this was funny and showed why I don't use facebookj. I'll reply to your e-mail too so I don't bore everyone with wordy comments! Ha!