february, no. 2

boy... i am in serious need of a blog challenge. i'm sure there are some out there. are any of you guys out there doing one? i do deserve some kudos for not letting february come AND go without a post.. somebody get me a cookie!

at any rate, i hope everyone's valentine's day was a blast! i guess that means Spring is right around the corner! (it's hard to tell with the eternal sunshine in this state.) i guess that also means a new layout, right? this week is shaping up to be a tough one. i'm already feeling under the weather and, even though i just caught up on housework, i think i may be feeling the lazy bug again. how does one get over this hump?

in fertility news, no news is good news. we are just waiting on the docs to call me back in to discuss chlomid. two of our friends who had difficulty conceiving are now pregnant and, instead of being saddened like the old me, i'm really very happy for them! it's giving me hope, having watched their journeys. does that mean i grew?  :)

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