the ship sank.

now i'm watching the oscars.

two things.

#1. i should be going to see someone. but the truth(s) is (are): i'm not that close to him, he has been less than nice to my friend, i don't like where i'd have to go to see him, and i do not feel at all moved that he is off to wander aimlessly in life. so, instead, i'm watching the oscars. i never really watch award shows and i always wonder why after they're over. i just like seeing the classy side of the entertainment industry (a dying life form) and i'm actually kind of in a good mood that i'm doind something i like instead of something i "ought" to be doing. whew.

 i was destined to love this movie. first, i've been obsessed with the story of the titanic since i was about 7, watching the history channel EVERY april to learn new things about it. second, leo (who, by the way, somehow continues to get hotter, ahem, inception). third, it was just a darn good love story/movie/cinematic adventure. obviously the plot isn't all that surprising, but it IS based on an event... you can't get too crazy. and can i tell you something without you judging me? i think i saw it in the movie theaters seven times. i don't know.. i was a teeny bopper at the time -- i couldn't help being a bit obnoxious.

so.. they played a little clip of it during the oscars and i may or may not have teared up a little. i guess i can't deny that it's one of, if not my favorite movie of all time. and i don't OWN it! can you believe that?! my parents have it on VHS at their house (we pre-ordered it) but i only really watch it when i see  it on TBS and their commercials make fun of it haha.. oh well.

what is your favorite movie of all time?

and can i just add this: top least favorite people of today: oprah (all time) and lebron james. the end.


  1. that is so funny i totally teared up when they showed the clip, it's one of my top 5 fav movies.

    cept when it came out my mom wouldn't let me see it until i was actually 13. ha :-/

  2. Ummm, I LOVE Titanic, too. Like, I still have the soundtrack in my car's CD player, always ready to go. GREAT movie!

  3. don't worry. i don't own a lot of my favorite movies, but watch them every time they come online. weird.