challenge day 1: me.

a picture of you and something you like about like about yourself  

i WOULD make the first day of my own challenge something I don't even want to do. i don't have many recent pictures of myself so i'll post a cell phone pic. gosh, i'm off to a great start.

i'm aleasa and i like my teeth, even my one little vampire tooth.

whoops, was that too superficial?

okay, i like my sense of humor. i crack myself up almost everyday. john (my husband) thinks it's weird. i find it endearing.. to myself. after all, if you don't laugh at your own jokes, who will? okay, i'm lame. i hope y'all do better than i did for day one :)

love, me

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  1. I laugh at my own jokes too!!! Sometimes I start to laugh before I can even get it all the way out...this frustrates my husband too b/c it takes several attempts to even tell the joke...lol:)