challenge day 11: travel

i'm a little late today, again...whoops. but i'm writing this sitting in the honda dealership, where i'll be for the next 3 hours (at the very least). the joys of having one car! y'all email me and keep me company! :)

The greatest vacation or trip you've ever had.

israel. hands down.

i love history and i love jesus. put the two into one trip and i'm sold. i learned so so so much on this trip and i'll never forget it. and i can't wait to go back! i wrote about this trip in a blog challenge of old, so here are a few different pictures.

the red sea... so pretty!

the most fun band in the ancient town of jerash playing yankee doodle... random!

petra -- on of my favorites!

our crazy tour guide in jordan, samir. he was ridiculous. keep in mind, we were a christian studies group... he kept telling all these off color jokes lol... and making jabs at the pope. i don't know. he was cracking me and the friends up :)

hangin' out in a cave-grave (petra is awesome but they're all tombs!)

one of my favorite parts about this trip was that i got to see all kinds of different christians. there are much more ritualistic variations of our faith around the world. here is supposedly the preparation stone where they wrapped jesus' body and prepared it for the tomb. i think it's pretty much known that these "special places" are places and things of legend, but it's interesting to think that people worship so differently than american christians do (or even southern christians).

i put my feet in the jordan river. the place around where they think jesus was baptized was not accessible by our israeli tour guides.

love, me

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  1. What an amazing, unforgettable trip! To be standing in the Jordan River- wow! Your pictures are great!