challenge day 12: home.

i'm falling off the wagon as a challenge host, aren't i? well better late than never, as they say!

A photograph of the town you grew up in. What did you love/hate about it?

i grew up in foster city.
(images from fostercity.org. click here to see more pictures!)

if you draw a straight line from the bridge (that's the san mateo bridge) at the top of the picture to the land just south of it, i lived there. right by the san francisco bay!

there was a beautiful lagoon in the middle of the town.

this is my dad, reminiscing at the levee down the street from our old house. we lived one block from the san francisco bay. on clear days, i could see the city skyline. this is where i learned to love the water, moderate climates, and cultural diversity. 

i LOVE foster city. it's a quiet town in san mateo county. it's like... where do the desperate housewives live? it's like that. just a nice little town. i don't know about all the dirty little secrets.. but it's a sweet place like that. i want to raise my kids in a place like this; a suburb. a safe little place where the kids come from well to do families but think they're all hood haha.. when i lived there, i did not like it. well, i didn't like our house. we were "that" family.. our house was like, bright green and it embarrassed me. now, i miss it like crazy. 

where did y'all grow up?

love, me
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  1. Looks like such a beautiful place to grow up! I have always wanted to visit that area!