challenge day 13: spiritual life

where are you spiritually, in a valley or on a mountain?

it has been said that if you aren't in a storm, you're coming out of one or about to get into one. this is the way our lives happen. my life seems to be in a storm: i'm having a tough time feeling the call in my work, we've just spent about three times the budgeted amount for our car maintenance, i'm battling some serious issues of finding my role in this world, my husband is going through some tough stuff that doesn't seem to make sense, and (like most girls) i'm feeling inadequate and painfully plain... but i'd actually have to say that spiritually, i'm feeling like i'm heading up a mountain! (maybe not quite to the top yet haha!) i feel closer to God and my purpose each day, although i'm not sure how.

it's difficult to explain, but even though the outward signs of spiritual strength are few, the feeling of growing is definitely present. i think that God is growing my faith in him through these small-ish blows. also, i realize that my purpose in this life is not a wife and mother (though that's going to be an important role). God has called us all to further his kingdom, and that can be a very scary thing, especially for someone like me who has been good at a lot but never great at anything. i've come to this conclusion:

the call on my life is something i can't handle.
but if i can do it on my own, it's not God.

and there is peace in that.
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"I'm convinced that God, who began this good work in [me], will carry it through to completion on the day of Christ Jesus."
Phil 1:16

and i leave with what is probably my favorite song right now:

love, me

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