challenge day 14 & 15

so, apparently i forgot how to work the "scheduled" post feature, or my inner blonde was operating my body yesterday. (no offense to the blondes, of course, i definitely had more fun yesterday.) either way, here is your twofer for the morning. seems monday won't be so bad after all, yes? a double dose of aleasa? yes.

Day 14: If you had unlimited resources, what would your life look like?

i thought this was supposed to be fun. it actually gave me a tough time because i started wondering how materialistic i really am. too much, like most of us surely, but i realized it was just a very poorly formed question. so i'm sorry about that. but i did have fun thinking about what i would do if we actually didn't have to worry about money.  i'm interested to see everyone else's ideas.  

anyway, first things first. we'd be debt free and buy everything with CASH! i also think we'd spend a lot more time volunteering/donating since we feel so tied to our paychecks that we can never take time away from that. well, that's me mostly.. the Sarge does have a boss named uncle sam.

we'd have two cars. i'd be driving one of these (a mommy mobile, no doubt):

BMW x5
and the Sarge would probably have one of these:
Ford F-150 King Ranch 4X4
so. since i got that out of the way.. i'd like to make it clear that we wouldn't be doing anything else. i love my life. i love my friends, the Sarge loves the military, and we are so blessed. with two cars, work would be less of a bummer because i wouldn't have to be up at dark thirty. we'd probably own a house someone luxurious though, for vacations. Sarge and i recently discussed purchasing a vacation home in the future and letting our church use it for retreats and such. there's a family at our church now that does it and it's a huge blessing for the staff (and we less fortunate who get to live in the lap of luxury when the pastor asks us to take notes at management retreats..........) 

this question got me to thinking about my infertility, too. i don't think i'd get into the higher cost treatments, we'd rather adopt. and we'd probably adopt two or three kids in the next few years if we had the money to do it. babies, maybe, but little kiddos too.

i'd also have a lot more kitchen gadgets. and the Sarge would probably have an unlimited assortment of jeans... we're jeans and t-shirt people haha. and we'd travel a lot more. the good thing about the Sarge's job is that vacation is not hard to come by. so i'd be getting my fill of europe and the east coast, at least or twice a year.

even after all the dreaming, i love my life. there are things that come with having more money, but i'm even more content than i thought! would your lives change much without the worry of money?  

Day 15: Something you don’t leave the house without. Why?

thank you, ALEASA. finally a question that doesn't make me think so hard! geesh. well i never leave without my cell phone. duh. also my military i.d. - more important than my driver's license. so those are obvious. but something i can't leave the house without is my mary kay satin lips! actually, any form of lip moisture-shine but specifically satin lips.

have y'all used this stuff? it's like silk for your lips. i LOVE it. contact your mary kay lady TODAY and get some. you'll thank me. better yet, contact my mary kay lady. her name's pam. she and i went to church together before the military changed things. i love her. 

any way, i never leave without it because i hate chapped, dry lips. i even hate when my lips look anything less than supple and slick haha. that's my inner blonde "real housewife" speaking.

what can't you leave your house without?

love, me

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  1. I LOVE the BMW SUVs. I'm hoping that I'll be a good enough attorney that I can have one someday :)