challenge day 17: cravings. (& things)

so, before we get to springing forward, i have to write about this crazy week that we're having. as you may know, john is about to go to a training so he's been mentally preparing for this week. but things have been so weird this week, i think it's calming him down haha. first of all, we had an awesome weekend with our friends... saturday we "just danced" and "michael experienced" our way to 1 am, then after church on sunday we went out for a very... "rowdy" lunch at a local diner. and here comes monday. picture this. 

we're driving. behind a waste management truck (trust me, you don't see where this is headed). we're slowing to turn.. and so is the truck. i'm in the middle of teasing john about something when, from the top of the truck jumps a RAT. to its death. right in front of our eyes! what?! i say it jumped because how is a rat going to fall from the TOP of the truck?! he's not.. it was probably compressing the garbage and he had to get out of there. or he was ratatouille and couldn't take anymore of the eating garbage to survive. whatever it was, it was a suicide jump. (he probably thought he could make it to the grass.. but no dice!) it was a big rat too... very disgusting. it bounced. 

so here's to a great week, you start out by watching a varmint suicide. 
then tuesday was less entertaining for y'all, but he had to spend the day in orange county doing some very boring, very detailed work and didn't get home until almost 6pm! what the heck. i get it.. that's not big deal to y'all. 

then today, i woke up to check the time and our power was out.. so i went back to sleep. i figured my internal clock wouldn't let me down too badly. (well played, right?) well, i was right.. we started getting ready about half an hour later than normal. showers in the dark. he couldn't shave.. makeup done in a dimly, "naturally" lit mirror. etc. etc. etc. and (of course) we couldn't open the garage so for a brief moment i thought we'd be stuck in the house... but unfortunately we're intelligent and he unplugged the device and opened it manually. gah. 

and for dinner tonight? since he got to pick all the meals for the week... rotel. this week can only get cooler. 

also, come back for what i'm loving wednesday in a few minutes or so! :)) now... on to the business.

Something you crave a lot.

carbonation! i think i could live without soda mostly if i could find another good carbonated drink. i haven't liked any of the carbonated waters i've tried so far, except one from kroger brand maybe? and we don't have that here. but every time we go out, i order water but have to take a sip of my husband's soda to get my "fix"! we don't buy sodas really because i won't drink a whole can and john usually chooses gatorade or tea. but i do think about it. that's weird, i know.
what are you constantly craving?
love, me

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