challenge day 2: dislike!

something you really don't like about yourself.

just like it was hard to pick just one thing i liked about myself (haha) it's also hard to pick something i don't like about myself. i am so insecure sometimes. just last week, the sarge wanted me to go out with him and the guys for karaoke, and y'all KNOW i love me some karaoke... but i was just feeling too fat, and like i didn't have the right outfit, and like i would sing badly (as if that weren't part of the whole fun of karaoke), and too boring, etc. etc. etc.

it's like i can't quiet that silly little voice in my head. and i wish i could. i have a husband who thinks i'm hot stuff (did i mention he's crazy?) and i know my God made me just the way i am, perfect for his purposes -- fearfully and wonderfully made and all that -- but, gah! just can't get past it some days. i think it's partially being a girl. i think i experienced some serious rejections when i was in high school and maybe earlier that i perhaps haven't worked through yet. but what a bummer.

and on a lighter note. i really, REALLY wish i wasn't addicted to delicious food! that's a weakness that really keeps on giving...

what is something you dislike about yourself? admittance is the first step to recovery!

love, me

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  1. Don't beat down on yourself! If it were me, I'd get up there and sing Fat Bottom Girls by Queen!


  2. Insecurity gets me all the time too! I agree that some of it just comes from being a girl, too.