challenge day 5: without you.

something you could definitely live without.

haha... well, i could live without hair growing on my legs every time i shivered. and milk, but not cheese. and toenails that have to be clipped, and snoring and sinus problems and migraines. i could totally live without insurance companies robbing my family and (don't shoot me) obamacare. and i could live without knowing about calories (that's the rudest discovery of my adult life). i could live without ridiculous people getting rich from doing ridiculous things...

(ahem johnnyknoxvillekanyewestlabronjamesoprah-ok-she-doesn't-do-ridiculous-things-exaclty-but-i-can't-stand-her-anyway cough cough)

new math
and especially ignorance. or whatever it is that makes people think that the world is about them. i mean, i'm all about being firm in your beliefs and opinions, but the whole point is to deal with one another in love. just because you and i don't agree doesn't mean we don't like each other. we don't like each other because you're hateful haha... but seriously. nothing gets under my skin more than someone who has an opinion and holds it, self-righteously, above anyone else's intelligence. rude. those kinds of people who feel that their time or safety or voices are all more important than anyone else's (for example, the people who drive like maniacs and put all our lives in danger).

as marybeth maybel would say: "A wise man once said, try not to get too attached to a hypothesis because its yers." (if you don't play video games, you can ignore that!)

anyway, lots of things irk me but hey, it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. and i'm glad God didn't make everyone like me.. nothing would ever get done! (except the world would be full of sweet blogs :] haha )

love, me

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