challenge day 6: bff.. or not

tell us about your best friend when you were 16, and where you two stand today.


when i was 16, i had two bffs and we went everywhere and did everything together. we'll call them harry and larry. harry and larry and i were inseparable and just alike and loved each other like sisters. but i was a little wild in high school -- i hadn't quite figured out who i was and i sort of blew around with the wind, drifting around life until something got in my way and i'd have to drift in a slightly different direction. harry and larry were more confident in their personalities and lives and "selves" and i think that was part of the reason that moe (me) drifted toward them.

then came "nate". he was a boyfriend of mine and, i'll be honest, our relationship was a little ridiculous. well, harry and larry, being the great friends that they were, embraced nate (okay, all the boys names are getting weird, but follow me). and he embraced them. very well. nate ended up being a jerk, and i had to travel a long, hard road to find that out. literally. like. literally.

anyway, things were never quite the same with me, and definitely not with harry and larry and me. in fact, i got myself into a spot of trouble that harry and larry just happened to help me find.

and harry and larry let it happen to me alone.

and proceeded to tell me everything wrong with me. and some of what they said was right. i was not a great friend to them. we were not great friends to one another. i didn't know who i was, and certainly they could not know me if i didn't know myself. i did foolish things, more foolish than most teenagers even. i was thoughtless and careless and quite selfish, too.

and where are we today, you ask? well. harry and larry are around. we've found each other thanks to facebook. i've looked for years and years for them, to let go of a burden of disloyalty i have carried around for a long time. i often have felt we could still be friends, even today, but for being foolish young people. harry and larry may or may not be close today, but harry and larry and me are very, very distant and different and done.

i hope this wasn't too confusing lol. you will hear more about harry and larry soon. stay tuned. why would i include a question like this?! i hope y'all stories are much more uplifting than mine.

love, me
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